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Life's Little Actions - Cerdá Te Cuida

24 November 2022 / per Cerdá Group

¿Are you familiar with the term healthy company? The WHO defines it as those organisations that are concerned with actively and continuously improving the health of their team.

In Cerdá we know that a company is only as good as the people who work in it, that is why from the Sustainability department we have launched the project "Cerdá takes care of you". An initiative that offers various activities and programmes for our colleagues to enjoy a better quality of life and state of health.

1. Nutritional talks and workshops 
2. Health 
3. Welfare 
4. Emotional wage 
6. Sustainability

1. Nutritional talks and workshops

Food and nutrition are essential to maintain health and energy. That is why our team has already started to learn about good eating practices thanks to the talks and workshops given by Nutritionist María Sanchís and I'm Coach Nutrition.

Have you ever heard about real and emotional hunger? In one of the last sessions with the expert nutrition team, we learned that we have to differentiate between the hunger that we have out of necessity and the hunger that our emotions provoke and that should not be satiated with food. 

SPOILER ALERT! These talks and workshops are proving to be very interesting and we are already starting to put some of the knowledge we have learned into practice. Keep reading this post to find out which ones!

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2. Health

More and more organisations are becoming aware of the impact of the working environment on the health of their employees, which is why they are proposing a model called "Healthy Company''. In Cerdá Group, we have decided to implement it by creating the project "Cerdá takes care of you". Establishing as a priority the health of our team from a global approach, both physical and psychosocial and promoting healthy lifestyle habits within our company. 

 The healthy company model brings great benefits: it increases the perception of active participation in projects and results. In addition, it favours the retention of talent and pride in belonging to the company. Studies show that happy employees are up to 12% more productive and have 65% more energy, therefore, with happy people, more competitive and profitable companies are achieved.  

That is why we have decided to make the expression "We are what we eat" our own. We know that to enjoy good health, both mentally and physically, we must have a balanced diet in proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and water.

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Following our new motto, if there is something that characterises Mondays at the Cerdá Group offices, it is the fruit basket. During the workshops given by the Nutritionist María Sanchís and I'm Coach Nutrition on good eating practices we have learned that it is very important to incorporate fruit into our daily lives because:

- They are a great source of vitamins

- Moisturise due to their high water content

- They help the digestive system 

- Provide extra energy 

- Contain mineral salts

This makes the return from the weekend go much more smoothly!


3. Welfare

Reducing stress, developing proper postural hygiene and stimulating creativity are key aspects for the team, which is why Cerdá offers weekly yoga classes completely free of charge.


The team also has access to subsidised physiotherapy treatments and psychologists to help them with sleep management and emotional well-being.

Because, as we have said before, a company with happy employees is a more productive and competitive company.

4. Emotional wage

Our main HR strategies include our work to promote the professional development of our employees based on emotional wage:

- Training plans
- Reconciliation of work and family life, through the implementation of teleworking on a stable basis,
- Encouraging trust among the team through a feedback-driven corporate culture
- Continue with the corporate equality plan. The workforce currently consists of 49 % women and 51 % men.

If you are interested in more information about emotional pay, we suggest you listen to this podcast where our colleagues Juan Luis Ramos (Customer Success Project Manager), Ismael Hernández (People & Talent Manager) and Carlota Sanz (Pets Sales Technician) talk about it:


Great Place To Work is the most prestigious national and international recognition in the field of people management and business strategy, which is awarded annually to the best employers in the world.

Currently only 150 Spanish companies have this certificate and Cerdá Group is one of them. This certification certifies that Cerdá is one of the Best Companies to Work For in Spain, with a culture of high trust, capable of attracting and retaining talent.

After a diagnosis of the organisational environment, which includes a global questionnaire of employees, it is highlighted:



You may be interested: Cerdá Group obtains the Great Place to Work certification

6. Sustainability

Our commitment goes far beyond everything we have already told you in this post, and that is that at Cerdá "We are convinced that the best companies in the world are the best companies for the world". - Teinma Cerdá.

At Cerdá Group we have been carrying out actions to reduce the ecological impact of our company for years and, among other environmental actions carried out, we have remodelled our energy system through the implementation of solar panels and energy systems based on geothermal energy, we hope to contribute to the reduction of climate change.

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To date, we are an example of a sustainable company and aim to make our carbon footprint as low impact as possible.

Now you know why Cerdá Te Cuida also takes care of you ;) Because this project goes far beyond taking care of our people, this project takes care of all of us. 

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