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Cerdá's magic returns to Nuremberg

21 February 2023 / per Cerdá Group

After almost 3 years, we have returned to the Spielwarenmesse in Nüremberg with a stand of more than 150m2 full of products and novelties that will make you fall in love with them.   Discover everything we presented at the most important fair of the sector in the compilation that we present in this blog post. Keep reading!

1. Classics never go out of fashion
2. Back To School 2023
3. For Fan Pets
4. Beauty Line
5. Footwear
6. Adult
7. An experience your customers will not forget


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1. Classics never go out of fashion

We know that classics like Avengers, Sonic, Mickey, Stitch... and many other characters captivated us all many years ago and continue to do so with new generations. They are always on trend, so they are products that cannot be missing in your business. At Cerdá, we have a wide catalogue of articles so that everyone can enjoy the characters that children and adults love so much.

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If you want to differentiate yourself from your competition by including licensed products in your store, you can start with products from these characters. Set your shop up for success!

2. Back To School 2023

Have you ever thought about what life would be like if we lived in constant re-creation? Once upon a time we were all boys and girls, we cared, we loved without forms, we generalised roles and learned by playing. Our Back To School 2023 collection and its creative concept "Re-Create" caused a furore in Nuremberg!

Discover: Our Back To School 2023 collection is here!

The incorporation of new licenses such as Harvard, Gabby's DollHouse or Sonic Prime were very well received by the attendees. They promise to be very popular licences in the coming seasons and are already a clear trend in the market. You don't need to imagine! We have created the perfect combination.  These new licenses combined with the star products for the back to school season are a must in your shop: backpacks, school accessories, pencil cases, stationery sets...

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Our OTAKU line and its back to school products are already a reality! Undoubtedly, the anime phenomenon is crossing borders and is here to stay.

3. For Fan Pets

Pets are also FANS LIKE YOU!  Now, they are the new children of the Millennials. They care about them, they are the new darlings of the house and they can't want for anything. Faced with this great socio-cultural trend, at Cerdá Group, we have developed our licensed product line FOR FAN PETS consisting of clothing, accessories and toys for pets. How could they not want to sleep in an R2-D2 bed or wear a Spider-Man outfit?

This was our For Fan Pets area at the International Toy Fair 2023 in Nuremberg. Visitors got to see first-hand the toys, beds, harnesses, bowls and pet clothes of the most popular characters of the moment: Star Wars, Mickey, Minnie, Captain America, Spider-Man, Stitch and many more.

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4. Beauty line

Generate visual impact, surprise your customers and activate crosselling with our Beauty line. A type of product that increases the ticket of purchase and that makes targets of all ages fall in love with it.

Scrunchies, hair accessories, brushes, jewellery, beauty sets and toiletry bags make up this range that is so appealing to customers. Do you want to know why you should implement the Beauty line in your point of sale?
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The Beauty line has a turnover that in SuperMoments shops (our Retail Lab) we have estimated at 65 days, which means that every two months, 100% of the implementation is replenished.

In addition, since its implementation in SuperMoments we have been able to verify that:

  • One out of every 6 tickets carries a Beauty item.
  • Generates more cross-selling than other products in the shop.
  •  It has a high turnover rate as it is a daily use product.
  •  It is a product with little competition in the sector.
  •  It is a high quality line with a large number of references.
  •  It increases the sales margin as it is a product with a higher margin than others.
  • 10% of customers buy the product again within 30 days of the first purchase.
  • It is the most profitable category.

5. Footwear

Footwear is one of our star products. We have different types adapted to each season of the year; trainers with or without lights, beach shoes, rain boots, canvas slippers and slippers for the home. 
Children's shoes require greater flexibility and at the same time they need the ideal support for their little feet. And, of course, they should be fun, original, creative and include their favourite characters.

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6. Adult

Adults also demand licensed products of their favourite characters. They bring them back to their childhood and feel the magic of that time. This type of product can be a connection to our inner child.

bolsas_deporte_adulto (1)

Backpacks, bags, T-shirts, pyjamas... are an essential part of any person's daily life and at Cerdá, we have a wide catalogue of products of adults' favourite characters so that they can go back to their childhood every time they use them. Do you remember when you used to play at having superpowers?

7. An experience your customers will not forget

After analysing the radical change that physical commerce is undergoing, we have detected that the big brands are betting on generating experiences at the point of sale. And we could not stay with the doubt!

The Harry Potter room was the jewel in the crown of our stand.  It is a replica of the space we have recreated in our SuperMoments Retail Lab that has managed to increase sales of Harry Potter products as well as interest and visits to the shop. Platform 9¾, flying cards and Dobby make every visitor to the SuperMoments Aqua Harry Potter room fall in love.

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Our customers were impressed with this success story which they can implement with our help at their point of sale to attract more customers and make their business more profitable.

Another year our products and services managed to fill the Nüremberg Fair with illusion and magic. If after reading this post, you want to have Cerdá licensed products in your shop, please contact us and we will help and advise you on everything you need.

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