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Discover the spring summer fashion trends 2023

22 February 2023 / per Cerdá Group

Spring summer 2023 fashion comes loaded with novelties, trends and an endless number of products and designs, with everyone's favourite characters, that you can't miss on the shelves of your business to succeed, like never before, in the next season.

Here, from Cerdá, we present you the must-haves for this year. So read on and take note of the ones that best suit the needs of your customers.

Enjoy watching your shop grow!

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Swimwear for the little ones at home

Spring and summer are the most fun times of the year for children. Fashion trends are practical, comfortable and original. And they allow your customers, big and small, to spend their days making the most of their crazy adventures.

The beach and the pool are a great place for fun, creativity and to encourage the imagination of our country's children, so what better way than to offer them the most incredible swimming costumes they can find on the beach?

Well, that's what we offer you in our spring summer 2023 catalogue, an endless number of ideas and possibilities with which you can make your customers fall in love and increase the sales and profits of your business.

For children, you can choose between different models;

-        Practical and comfortable briefs that allow children to play and play for hours with their favourite characters such as Captain America, Spiderman, Mickey Mouse or the Canine Patrol.

-        Swimming boxer shorts for children who prefer this type of swimming costume and feel more comfortable, but without having to give up a fun and original design with characters such as Star Wars, Hulk, Avengers, The Mandalorian, Batman, Sonic...

-       ¡Wide-leg swimming costumes, for those who prefer to have different models or simply feel more comfortable wearing this type of swimming costume. And, of course, with a string as a belt to adapt it to the waist of the little one and in different designs with incredible characters such as Stitch, the Superheroes or Mickey Mouse.


 For girls, the variety is also immense. With sizes, colours, designs and models and an endless number of characters with whom they can't wait to live their wonderful summer adventures:

-       Bathing trunks are the ideal choice, especially for little girls. Although there is no doubt that many girls prefer to wear them all the time as they provide them with a lot of comfort and freedom of movement. The panties or briefs are perfectly adjusted to the hips of the little ones and can have decorations such as bows or ruffles that make the model even more beautiful and charming. You can offer them models with the image of Minnie, Peppa Pig, Disney Princesses, the Canine Patrol, the Little Mermaid, Frozen...


-        Full swimming costumes. Another of the must-haves that you must include on your shelves for spring summer 2023 fashion are full swimming costumes. And as much as it may seem like a classic item, it doesn't have to be, and we at Cerdá prove it to you with the designs we have created specifically for your little customers. Full swimming costumes with one strap, with ruffles, with tutu skirts, with two straps... And all of them with characters such as Frozen, Harry Potter, Tweety Bird, the Little Mermaid...


-        Two-piece bikinis. They are very comfortable and also make little girls feel like big girls, covering their breasts and looking divine. You will have to select different models to please as many customers as possible, from two-piece bikinis with crossed back straps, with one strap or with ruffles. And, of course, Minnie, Little Mermaid, Frozen, Lady Bug...


Bathing shirts

Every year we are more and more aware of the need to protect ourselves from the sun's rays, especially in summer when we spend more time outdoors and wear less clothing to cover our bodies.

For this reason, another of the big must-haves in fashion trends for 2023 are swim shirts. Many children have white skin, atopic skin or simply have a tendency to burn. So parents will come to your shop to buy the funniest and most protective bathing tops for their children. And you can offer them the protection they need with the swim shirts we offer, with a UV protection level of 50 and absolute comfort. 

So you'll give parents peace of mind for their children. And the children? They'll be delighted. Because they will be well protected and, moreover, wearing their favourite characters such as Peppa Pig, Minnie, Mickey, Spiderman, the Disney Princesses...

Everyone will be able to enjoy themselves in maximum safety!


Trendy towels

And when we say the latest, we mean the really latest. Those towels that they will put on the sand on the beach or on the lawn of the swimming pool and the rest of the children will look at them with adoration and wishing to have their own.

Spectacular towels of Batman, Harry Potter, Lady Bug, the Canine Patrol... but also in different shapes. And for the little ones, the poncho towels with hoods will be the most fun of the summer.

Consult our catalogue and get a good variety of models and formats. Show your customers a world of opportunities to enjoy every little moment of happiness.

Caps and hats

When we talk about summer clothing trends, we cannot forget, also, the practicality, utility, comfort and protection that they should provide. The sun, as we have said, can be harmful to the skin, so you have to protect yourself properly and drink enough water to enjoy the day and leave aside scares that do not allow us to enjoy life.


For this, caps and hats are essential.

Caps with visors, flat or curved, that cover the head and eyes well, and for the youngest members of the family, fisherman's hats that guarantee that once the parents put them on, they will stay on to protect the little one.

And, of course, with the funniest characters of the moment, such as Minnie, Mickey, Spiderman, Peppa Pig, Sonic, Harry Potter, Stitch, Star Wars...

There are as many models, shapes, sizes and designs as you want to include in your stock. Find the ones you like the most and offer them to your customers to achieve maximum satisfaction.


What would spring summer 2023 fashion be without the best sunglasses on the market? Well, summer cannot be understood without sunglasses. Firstly, because of the protection they offer and, secondly, because of the perfect outfit they provide.

At Cerdá you can choose from a wide variety of models to include on your shelves: round, square, heart-shaped, star-shaped, with glitter, plain, with tinted glass, finished in a beak shape... And with a wide range of colours; pink, red, brown, black, blue, yellow, lilac, white...

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What's more, your customers will be able to choose the ones they like the most depending on the characters that appear on them: Lady Bug, Sonic, Frozen, Peppa Pig, Disney Princesses, Harry Potter, Avengers, Captain America, Hulk, Mandalorian... And all of them, absolutely all of them, duly approved according to strict sun protection requirements, and with a 100% UV protection guarantee. Tested in optical laboratories for a better guarantee of quality and protection.

All the essentials in spring summer 2023 fashion that we have explained in this article are just some of the must-haves in your stock, but if you visit our catalogue you will find others that you will also need, such as T-shirts, summer dresses, shorts, beach or pool flip-flops... And, with all this, you can also create an amazing showcase so that customers feel attracted and come into your business to buy.

Remind them to come prepared with adequate, quality sun protection and offer them the most practical and comfortable bags they can find! This is the perfect time for you to put cross-selling into practice.

Set yourself up for success with the best Cerdá products and succeed like never before! Give your customers everything they need to enjoy a wonderful spring and summer.

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