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The most popular cartoon characters

2 January 2020 / por Cerdá Group

The most popular cartoon characters of the market

It is safe to say that we are stoked about everything we will experience this year: Countless of new tv shows, movie releases and toys and we don’t even know where to start!On this list, we will review some of the most important kids’ shows and cartoon characters for 2021:

Every year is different and every year the favorite characters of your clients change. Some are more in demand than others and some become real hits.

Top 7: the most popular cartoon characters

At Cerdá, every year we reinvent ourselves and look for new ways to offer you the most popular cartoon characters so that your customers fall in love with your store and thus you can increase your income. 

Therefore, if you are looking for the most popular cartoon characters for this year, you cannot miss the list that we have prepared for you.


1. Frozen, the most famous sisters 


Both Frozen and Frozen 2 have been among the most successful children's films in recent years. The movie attracted children and grown-ups equally thanks to its colorful animation, its lovable characters, its amazing story and the famous song “Let it go”, part of its original soundtrack performed by singer Idina Menzel. 

This year, we will live again the adventures of Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf when a new threat endangers the peace of Arendelle, while we learn a little bit more about the origins of Queen Elsa. With the short film there is a snowman, we can relive great adventures of these characters so loved by their fans.


2. L.O.L Surprise, the favorite dolls of the market 


L.O.L surprise is without question the number one doll.  According to the NDP Group, they were the best-selling set of dolls around the world. One of the best things about L.O.L Surprise is that you don’t know which doll you will get until you open up the egg where they are contained. That is the Surprise about it!


3. The Mandalorian, the new cartoon character of the year


Spectators are eagerly waiting to enjoy the new adventures of the best-known bounty hunter in the galaxy so, while he reappears on our screens, from Cerdá we propose a wide variety of Mandalorian products so that you can fill the shelves of your business and satisfy your clients.

As a sequel to the famous Star Wars Saga, The Mandalorian and The child are undoubtedly the most popular cartoon characters in the recent years. In addition, these characters appeal to children and adults, a whole audience within our reach!


most popular cartoon characters of the mandalorian


4. Spiderman , the best neighbor ever


In 2018, the world was amazed by the new Spiderman movie lead by Miles Morales, the new heir of the Spidey suit. Peter Parker is his mentor and with him, we are now meeting a lot of new and exciting Spideys: Spider-Gwen, Spider-Noir, Peni Parker and Peter Porker as Spider-Ham.

This year, the Spiderman fever will be more present than ever, with the upcoming 'No way home' movie, the last of the popular movies protaginized by Tom Holland.

5. Avengers, the most loved superheroes on earth (and beyond)


The last installment of Avengers series, Avengers: End Game, left us with a sense of void. The Disney+ Series about Vision and Scarlet Witch and Falcon and the Winter Soldier introduced us again to a new era of the MCU, and fans cant wait to be part of what is comming next.


6. Disney classics, never go out of style 


The classics are now more present than ever. We will see new Disney productions for everyone, like Aladdin, a movi,  featuring a live-action Will Smith as the Genie. Also, Dumbo, The Lion King, and much more! 

2018 was the 90-year anniversary from Disney’s most famous and iconic couple, Mickey and Minnie, some of our favorite characters that will never go out of style.


7. Harry Potter, let the magic in your store


After the huge success of the Harry Potter Saga, now we are fully involved in the world of Newt Scamander and his two installments: Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them and The Crimes of Grindelwald. The Harry Potter universe is amazing and just keeps expanding. 2020 will be no exception and we will hear more about the adventures of the characters from J.K Rowling.


popular cartoon characters


As you can see, this year will be an exciting year for everyone regardless of your age. The possibilities are endless! Just remember that the Cerdá Group has everything you need from your favorite characters.


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