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Trends in the retail licensing sector by 2020

11 March 2020 / per Cerdá Group

The hardworking man looks for ways to get things easily, quickly, and in the comfort of his home or work. Besides, it seeks to feel good. It means that it is not just about selling a product, but about satisfying a need.


Challenges and trends of this 2020 for the retail licensing sector

Competition grows, and technology evolves. Retailers cannot live from a physical store while the rest have activity through social networks and websites. These changes have occurred because technology facilitated the day-to-day tasks of a person.

Nobody likes to think about complicated things, they want to reserve their time on other things instead of going out by car, and they want to live a different experience than just found new products in each store of a mall. In short, humans want to feel special, and in 2020, technology has brought new trends to implement in the retail sector:


  •         E-commerce and social networks

It is not new that people prefer purchases at a click away and wish to interact with the seller. If a store does not have online participation or through 2.0 strategies, its chances of failure are very high, even if it were a licensed cartoon characters for kids and adults store because, although these products improve profitability, we must ally with evolution to continue being a success. 

With E-commerce, people can enjoy the comfort of their homes while they see the products and make purchases. But with social networks, they have the advantage of interacting with the seller to know everything about the products or services.

  •         Dropshipping

It is a strategy that has around two years of use and is about sending a product from the retail store even it is not in the store. This method saves inventory costs, and the person will not wait for the product to arrive at the store to obtain it. In this case, the experience that the client lives is fantastic because he ends up purchasing the product he most wanted, and the retailer becomes the number one option to be the one who successfully met his need.

  •         Distrust of Facebook

Many users have deleted their Facebook after the “Cambridge Analytica” case. Therefore, it is no longer the largest social network in the world. If you are looking for engagement from a client, you must select the reliable means for them, especially in this case, where are sell licensed products aimed at children.

  •         Take advantage of data collection

People like, comment, use the search engine daily, etc. The internet collects data daily that describes the tastes of your consumers, and knowing them will help you adapt your store to meet their real needs. Please, take advantage of email and conduct surveys about their tastes and the experience they receive from your services.


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  •         E-Commerce as the primary tool

This new name is known as the evolution of E-Commerce and refers to Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is a system that by combining algorithms, create machines capable of thinking like the human being, that is, with the ability to make decisions, to solve a problem, and learn.

With this tool, evolution seeks to make our daily purchases without the need to think but anticipate them according to our patterns. We have to program what, how, and when we want the product, and that's it. We would not have to wait to see the new products of our favorite characters, or the accessories that we like the most; we should no longer think to acquire it or wait for the screen to show us what we need.

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