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Accessories and gift license. Find out the great variety of cerda's products

9 March 2020 / per Cerdá Group

Here you will see licensed products that you will not find everywhere and will be the center of attention. Once again, we guarantee that Cerdá is for sure, the ally to give you the perfect gift that the little ones at home or the Kidults will enjoy. Do not forget that taking into account those you love is important; cultivate affection with a small detail that will mean everything.

The importance of details

Although we are used to giving a gift during a celebration, we remind you that there is no precise time to do so. Simply, any day of our preference is perfect for giving details to those we love.

  •   Children learn from parents; giving children a detail teaches them the importance of giving, love, and sharing.
  •   A gift makes people feel special and important.
  •   Create links between friends, couples, and parents between children.
  •   Freeze moments that become beautiful memories in the future.


Why sell licensed products

  •    Increase your store sales: These are flashy products and +aimed at children. They have original designs that you will not find in any store, and for that reason, they will want it. Also, you can do cross-selling by combining the different products of the same character. The return on your investment is guaranteed with these details.
  •   You create engagement with your customers: You sell branded products whose values ​​are identified with a large number of people. That is, your store will benefit from the popularity of the brands you sell.
  •   The market will notice you: Many feel familiar with the characters; people grow up watching them on television, movies, or toys.
  •   For all ages: Nowadays, millennials are part of our market; we call them Kidults.

accesories with license Cerdá

Licensed accesories of Cerdá

There are many licensed accessories of reasonable price and material to surprise someone. Here we will tell you what gifts you can give depending on the ages and the animations we have, although if you know the person who will receive the present, you may not need these recommendations; Sometimes to enjoy children's things, you do not have to be a child:

  •         Keychains: It's an excellent detail for the Kidults. They can use them to decorate their backpack, purse, or key. They will resist the different climates because their material is acrylic, metal, PU, or acrylic with polyester; the last one stands out because of their brightness.


  •       Wallets: Kidults are like children, but with the responsibility of an adult and, what a better way to make their shopping more fun with a purse of their favorite characters? Their designs are very dynamic because they can be used for children too.




accesories with license cerda


  •         Hair accessories: At this point, we will highlight several things, among them the set of Harry Potter for the hair that brings a headband, two pigtails, and a bow that represent the houses of Slytherin and Gryffindor. Also, we have Mickey and Minnie metal hair hooks and hairbrushes of different characters.


  •         Stationery accessories: There is no age limit for this point; children and adults love notebooks and pens. So if we talk about variety, you can find it here. There are notebooks with soft textures, holographic designs, and sequins. Besides, we have sets that bring pens, stickers, dividers and a notebook in case you want to make whole gift.

 Cerdá offers you a wide variety of accessories and gifts with license. Fill your store with these great gift ideas and make your business grow!

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Products and Novelties


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