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Tweety's footwear and clothing, celebrate its 80th anniversary!

19 July 2022 / per Cerdá Group

I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat...

Does this mythical phrase ring a bell?

Yes, Tweety is celebrating his 80th birthday and it's the perfect time to pay tribute to the most endearing little bird on TV, and you can't miss this amazing opportunity!

The Looney Tunes characters have been part of the lives of many generations since they first appeared in the lives of those who were then just children in 1930.

They grew up enjoying their endearing adventures and have subsequently seen their sons and daughters, grandsons and granddaughters, and even great-grandchildren and great-granddaughters, watch attentively and expectantly as television's best-loved cartoon family evolved in step with society.

Tweety's clothing is an essential classic in any business that wants to please its customers, attract new ones and keep the loyalty of those it already has, and on the occasion of the character's 80th birthday, you can't miss the variety in your stock!

At Cerdá, as a clothing and footwear wholesaler, we offer you a wide range of footwear, clothing, models, designs, sizes and products with original licences, so that your customers can enjoy themselves like children!

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Who are the Looney Tunes?

Without a doubt, the Looney Tunes need no introduction, everyone knows them and has enjoyed them at some point, but let's refresh your mind a bit so you can get your bearings and plan a proper strategy that will allow you to increase your sales, attract new customers and increase your profits!

The Looney Tunes characters were born in 1930 and, in the 1970s, were adapted for television. This is how they began to form part of families in homes all over the world with their amusing adventures and their peculiar personalities. And, of course, their wonderful friendship.

You can find all Looney Tunes products at Cerdá. As your trusted suppliers, we want to offer you all the latest products with original licenses so that you can succeed.

Clothing and footwear from Tweety and all these iconic characters!

Do you remember who they are? Enjoy reminiscing about your childhood!



Tweety is, without a doubt, one of the greatest protagonists. He became the cutest, most affectionate, funniest and cleverest little bird on television and, of course, he still is. His big eyes make everyone who looks at him fall in love with him and the evolution of the little bird has ensured that today's children continue to feel great tenderness towards him.

In Cerdá you can find an endless number of products of the character; Tweety's clothing, footwear, accessories, gowns and dressing gowns, backpacks, reusable hygienic masks... and, of course, for men, women, children, teenagers and babies.

Bugs Bunny and Lola Bunny

Naturally, Bugs Bunny and his faithful partner, Lola Bunny, are another of the great protagonists of the Looney Tunes family. The funny little bunny is good, kind and mischievous as can be. He is a great fan of carrots and enjoys digging huge and very long burrows in just a few seconds.

He has a noble, funny and sincere personality. And his main goal is to keep his friends together and create an atmosphere of total and sincere friendship between them. 



Cats are smart, intelligent, agile and great hunters... except Sylvester, who has spent his whole life trying to catch Tweety and there's no way! Although at some point he has been on the verge of succeeding, he always gets away and, if he does, his big heart comes out and he lets him escape. Friendship continues to be the basis of the wonderful Looney Tunes family, and what would Sylvester be without Tweety?

Daffy Duck

"You're despicable"... the world's grumpiest duck repeats this mythical phrase over and over again in his hoarse, hissing voice. He may sound selfish and independent, but deep down he's not, it's just a role he has adopted and sometimes has to give up to help his friends when they need it.

Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner


These two characters are beloved by the public. Especially by adults, who remember their childhood with laughter, while sharing their snacks in front of the screen.

At Cerdá we offer you a wide variety of Looney Tunes products and clothing featuring these two characters. And you can't miss the opportunity, as the film "Coyote vs. Acme" is due to be released in 2023. A film that will combine animation and live action. The plot will focus on Coyote, who, after failing to catch his eternal enemy, will take it upon himself to wage war against the organisation that supports him: ACME.


Tasmanian devil

The last and youngest of the Looney Tunes family. He represents an adolescent with a strong temper that he cannot control and explodes at any moment.

He has a voracious appetite and communicates through babbling, growls and roars and has the impressive ability to twist and turn into uncontrollable whirlpools.


Tweety's footwear, products and accessories in Cerdá

At Cerdá we are your trusted suppliers of original licences. We know what the public wants and we help you to achieve it so that your business is well served and ready to succeed.

On our website you can find all the products you can imagine, such as Tweety shoes, slippers, dressing gowns, bathrobes, school bags, nursery bags, combs, pyjamas, brushes, T-shirts, sweatshirts, rain boots, trainers, hats, gloves, hygiene masks, handbags...


Tweety is an ideal character for the whole family, especially babies, children and adults, as the latter reminisce with him about their childhood and, at the same time, follow the current trend of dressing up in licensed clothing.

Don't wait any longer and visit our website! Tweety's 80th birthday is the perfect time for you to prepare your business with the most fun, original and creative Looney Tunes products of the moment.

Some things never go out of fashion, and the Looney Tunes and the birthday boy Tweety are one of them. Dare to succeed and make your business grow and your profits increase.

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