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Wholesale Disney backpacks for the Back to School campaign

6 July 2021 / per Cerdá Group

Whether your business is big or small, the kids going back to school is not far away and there will be lots of little ones looking for the perfect backpack to express themselves. Most importantly, children will always have that one character from a film that they simply adore. At Cerdá, as a disney wholesale distributor, we know that our Disney Wholesale Backpacks are coming to the market to ensure that you can have access to premium products that all your young customers will love.

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We have a long history of making these products at Cerdá. For over 40 years we have manufactured and specialized in wholesale sales of licensed products for children. With our Disney collection, we aim to make it easy for your company to place and receive large quantities of Disney products on time that can then be sold through your store.

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Why should you choose Disney Products for this back-to-school season?


In the minds of children, Disney is not a billion-dollar corporation but rather a place of dreams. Disney films give children a space where they can imagine a life different from their own. They can imagine themselves as princesses and princes, as warlocks and fairies, they can even be superheroes with magical powers, with lives so much more interesting than what they would experience every day. Children become infatuated with the characters of Disney films, wanting to dress like them and look like them and sound like them. Most importantly, this is not an activity that they engage in alone, but rather it is shared amongst them and their friends. By carrying Disney products in your retail business, you are contributing to that dream. Children entering your store will be able to choose back to school items with their favorite characters which will keep them connected to that place of happiness that these characters and stories bring.


For your business, this is a great opportunity to sell products that essentially do all the speaking and marketing on your behalf. Your buyers will know what they want as soon as they see it, without you having to convince them of what the vision and dream is. This is why Disney back to school backpacks have such an appeal to both businesses and customers.


Wholesale Disney backpacks mickey avengers and dumbo

Disney Products Themes for Back to School cases and backpacks.

When thinking of Disney, the first thing that comes to most people’s minds is the classic Disney films, from The Lion King to the Disney Princesses, these films have become a classic part of  childhood for over 60 years. In a sense, these films transcend time as parents keep showing the films to their children and in this way, the films garner a new audience sometimes decades after their initial release. These films are timeless, and the products associated with them appeal to children today in the way that they appealed to children decades ago. And yet, this is not all that our Disney line has to offer.


 Disney has made many acquisitions over the years, with one of them being the acquisition of Pixar. As Pixar came under the Disney Studio umbrella, Disney products expanded and now include products of beloved Pixar characters like Stitch from the 2002 film Lilo and Stitch. But animation is not the only place where Disney acquisitions have reached.


With their 2012 acquisition of Lucasfilm, Disney received the rights to the Star Wars Franchise. With Star Wars Merchandise you can reach an entirely different demographic, as older kids who like the Franchise can move from the younger age Disney products to the Star Wars products. For this reason, amongst our products, you can also find Star Wars and The Mandalorian products and backpacks within our range.


Finally, in 2009 Disney also acquired Marvel Studios, which means that through our Disney products you can now also get access to Marvel and Avengers products. Once again, this range of products can garner sales from children of an older age whose interest might have moved away from animation and towards live-action films.

In this way through our Disney line, you can make sales for Back to School products to most school children from the ages of 4 to 10+.

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Mickey wholesale school supplies

Designs of Backpacks

 Amongst our designs, you will find backpacks with some Disney classic characters. These include the Mickey Mouse family of characters, Disney Princesses as well as some beloved secondary characters such as the Genie in Aladdin. You will also find Frozen II designs for those young ones who loved the new movie.


In our Star Wars products, you will find Mandalorian packs for every age, and for those who are lovers of Marvel films, you will find both Marvel characters, as well as the Avengers in backpacks. 


Undoubtedly, within this range, you will be able to find backpacks to fulfill all of your customers' wishes.


Sizes for Backpacks

 One of the most important aspects when choosing the correct backpack is the size of the bag. Both the straps and the back of the bag come in different sizes to better accommodate each child’s needs. While the design of the backpack is what will make kids want a Disney backpack, the construction is what will win parents over. Our backpacks come in different sizes depending on the height and age of the child.



By buying Disney wholesale backpacks appropriate for the different age groups and heights you will be able to ensure that you have stock to sell for all the needs that these children might have.


What’s more, depending on the age that they are, the size of the backpack will need to increase to best fit all of the items that they will need to carry to school. This is why our different backpack designs and sizes are perfect for children of any age who wish to carry their school things in stylish backpacks that represent them.


Different types of Backpack Designs

Our Disney backpacks have a wide range of designs and items available. Apart from traditional types of backpacks, there are also circle backpacks for nursery school children. These backpacks depict some of the most beloved Disney and Pixar characters.


We also offer backpacks with harnesses, which can add an extra layer of safety when you are walking with your child to school.


Finally, there are trolley backpacks that allow your child to carry everything they need without damaging their back in the process.


wholesale disney backpackas minnie aladdin and frozen

Back to School packs and cases – Supplementary items

Within our line of Back to School items, you can also find supplementary items that cover all of your customer’s needs. For most children having a lunch bag will be a necessity, this is why we offer lunch bags in all the same themes that we offer backpacks. In this way, your customers can also purchase Disney lunch bags.

Another crucial back to school item offered within our Disney line is pencil cases. Essentially, with the pencil cases, backpacks, and lunch bags you can offer a full matching Disney range at your store which you can purchase at our wholesale prices.

Acquiring Disney line back to school items has never been easier as you can now purchase Disney products at wholesale prices through us. We will act as the Disney wholesale distributor that you need to supply your store with Disney designs for back to school items at wholesale prices, which will bring more and more satisfied customers to your business.   

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