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Disney Products: Why are they such a great bet for your store?

29 June 2021 / per Cerdá Group

Apart from ranking among the world’s largest companies in terms of market capitalization, Disney had also grown consistently in revenue over the years with 2020 Statista data quoting it at over 69 billion U.S dollars.

While the bulk of this revenue might be identified with their many years of consistency in creating brand stories with which specific parts of the population can be identified, data had also shown a tremendous increase in the demand and sale of most Disney products. This among several other factors had however prompted most store owners to ask the question - do products and brands command purchase and patronage?

How Disney Popularity Can Enhance Your Product Sales

Specific brands had established themselves as symbols of values for segments of the population. Such is the place of Disney entertainment and its many characters since its inception in 1923. Disney products are simply classics that never go out of style and below are the following ways the popularity of Disney can enhance your product sale:


  1. Disney characters make products attractive: - a look across elementary schools and settings, and one will admit that products with Disney characters inscriptions are among the most purchased and used. While comic characters like Mickey Mouse often characterize the bulk of children's bags, toys, feeder, cloth, and even accessories designs. Other superhuman characters like The Avengers are increasingly gaining popularity among the adult population alike. 
  2. Disney Creates Brand Identification: - different global rating scales had confirmed Disney as among the companies with the best global brand representation. While the company’s characters had been long associated with those in the younger category, it has also assumed popularity among those in the older category. Today, a children-targeted event is not complete without the presence of a  Disney character.

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  1. Disney Commands Wide Consumer Base: - as a result of its popularity among the young and older population, Disney products had been observed to command wide patronage among the consumer population. Aside from toys, Disney clothes and stationery has been increasing their popularity and became essentials for those with kids.

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  1. Disney Creates Uniqueness: - Disney is no doubt unique, and such is the Disney products as well. Disney designs are beyond the regular designs, present an appealing story with which most individuals can identify, and had recently influenced the design of several villages and locations (otherwise known as Disney Lands) for children's picnics, vacations, and camps.
  2. Disney is Timeless: - with over 90years of existence, Disney has continued to grow in popularity and acceptance. Identifying a product or store with the brand automatically confers on such the timeless and ageless characteristics of Disney and this will also aid brand development, brand survival, and business continuity drive.


Online sales of Disney products

Disney products had for long experienced robust physical store patronage until recently when the emphasis is shifting in favor of Disney products sold online. All thanks to Covid-19, the months of lockdown, and the increased emphasis on the virtual purchase of products. This not only reduces the risk of spread but also makes purchases easy from within the comfort of consumer’s homes.

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Why Cerdá Group is your trusted Disney products wholesaler

Being a known and highly demanded brand had made the Disney products market proliferated with fake commodities. While the sale of this within a physical store in the U.S might be quite difficult due to the strong emphasis on quality and monitoring, such experience might not be far-fetched from online store purchases. The need to enjoy the many benefits that are associated with the purchase of Disney products online while at the same time getting an order for Disney products in large quantities and at a reduced price is the reason we recommend Cerdá Group for all Disney products retail sellers. The company does not only facilitate large quantity orders for Disney products but as well makes delivery timely.

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Disney products Products and Novelties


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