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20 July 2021 / per Cerdá Group

Data confirms such a trend: the number of pets in houses and families all over the world is increasing (in some countries, it tripled in the last couple of years!). As a business manager, you need to pay attention to such a phenomenon, and with Cerdá, everything is easier.

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Cerdá has recently introduced a new line in their offer: the For Fan Pets line made Cerdá your reference for unique wholesale pet supplies.

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For Fan Pets: Cerdá’s Wholesale Pets Supplies

With the For Fan Pets collection, Cerdá wanted to apply their unique style to pets’ products and accessories. Just like it happens for children's clothing, shoes, school supplies, and others, Cerdá created pet accessories decorated with characters from the most popular films, cartoons, and comics.

Furthermore - again, just like it happens for all the other items in Cerdá’s collections - every item, product or accessory comes with an original license. Cerdá collaborates with the biggest characters’ creators in the world - Disney, Marvel, Harry Potter, and more - to provide retailers and sellers licensed products that have a unique design and a guaranteed quality.

This is how Mickey Mouse and Minnie, Wonder Woman, the superheroes from the Avengers, and many others show themselves off in pets’ bowls, clothes, toys, and home accessories. With Cerdà as your wholesale pets supplier, you can give your clients the possibility to share their passions with their furry friends.


Wholesale pets supplies

Pets products you need in your store

The For Fan Pets collection includes a wide offer of pets’ accessories that can cover all their needs and the ones of their owners: from collars and leads to bowls, to the accessories that are never missing in a house where humans and pets share their spaces like toys, beds and mats. Let’s give a more detailed look at Cerdá wholesale pets supplier’s offer.

Pets wholesale clothing

Who said that pets can’t have their wardrobe? Sometimes it is only a fun way of sharing your passions or having some fun with them, but some pets - like small dogs - need to wear some extra clothes when they go out during the winter.

For both the above purposes, Cerdá provides to every shop their pets clothing with the characters from Disney, Marvel, and many others. There are different sizes and designs available, all provided with an original license: Batman and WonderWoman sweatshirts or hoodies are available in the collection!


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Home pet products

When you adopt a pet, whether it is a kitten or a puppy, your house gets transformed too. It’s because, just like you, our pets need their stuff: a place to sleep in, somewhere clean to get their meals, and this is only the absolute minimum. With Cerdá, providing the needed accessories for your pets becomes a chance of furnishing the house with colored and fun items.

Cerdá’s beds, mats, and pads for pets are decorated with the colors and symbols of your favorite superheroes: Minnie and Mickey Mouse - the evergreen characters from Disney - Captain American and his Avengers, but also AC/DC or Wonder Woman!

The quality of each product is never underestimated: every bed or mat is made from the best quality, resistant, and waterproof material, such a polyester: one of the most versatile materials that are also strong and durable.

Pets products wholesale

Pets accessories you can’t miss

Some things are simply indispensable when you have a pet in the house. Cerdá provides all these pets’ accessories. You can pick different items with different characters, but the collection is so large that you could also have all the needed accessories representing the same character or design. If you’re a fan of Star Wars or AC/DC, you could create the entire wardrobe and set accessories for your dog or pet dedicated to them.

Toys for pets

The toys for pets in the Cerdá’s collection are made to last. Pets toys are often too poorly made and our pets can play with them only for half a day before they manage to destroy them. Cerdá’s toys are made from the most resistant materials - rubbers, plastics, or fabrics - so that these objects can stay with our pets for a long time. They are also dedicated to the most popular characters in the kidult fashion: Star Wars, the Avengers, and others.

Cardá’s pets’ toys are reali<ed for both dogs (of any size) and cats; of course, they have different characteristics. While dogs’ toys are bigger and meant to be thrown and bitten, cats’ ones have feathers and are lighter.


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Licensed collars and harness

These are probably the first purchases that people make as soon as they adopt a puppy: collar or harness. With Cerdá, you can have the most unique ones. The choice between a collar or a harness usually depends on the owner’s taste; for this reason, Cerdà’s collection provides both and for any size.

So, we have thin and short collars for small-sized dogs, but also thick and strong ones for medium and large-sized ones. The same happens for the harnesses: smaller and larger ones are provided with a style and design that adapt to the different sizes.

Bowls and feeders 

If the collar is the first purchase when you adopt a puppy, the bowl is the second (or vice versa). Cerdá distributes bowls of different sizes: they are suitable for small or big dogs, and even kittens and cats. They are strong and sturdy and decorated with the characters in Cerdá’s portfolio.

Cerdà becomes responsible for your wholesale pets’ supplies with our new For Fan Pets Collection. Pets shops, but also gift shops, and others can exploit the collection to open to a new segment of audience and increase their sales.

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Products and Novelties Buy wholesale for fan pets


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