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5 creative retail promotion ideas. Attract more customers!

5 June 2019 / por Cerdá Group

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A proper management of a children's clothing and accessory store starts with a correct selection of stock and is completed with an effective promotional marketing strategy. Today, we will help you impact your customers with 5 promotions that you can easily apply to your business with great results and at no costs. Ready to sell more?


Increasing the sales of your children's clothing store is a matter of strategy and perseverance. At Cerdá Group, we are expert manufacturers of articles and licensees from your favorite characters. Our experience in textiles, children's footwear, backpacks, and stationery is based on 45 years of work. The advice we offer you is based on real experiences. Pushing sales and profiting more is possible with a good plan!


Sales promotion ideas: what to have in mind

  •         Think of the time of year you're in. There are promotions that are more convenient at Christmas or summer. In general, special discounts are usually programmed in the season prior to the official season, with the purpose to make the customer perceive a great opportunity. When summer approaches you can promote the caps, for example, it is all about applying the logic of the consumer. There are no secrets about it!
  •       Define the stock you are interested in promoting and focus your efforts on specific products. In this way, you remark the idea of opportunity and give value to a whole category. In this way, you also push sales of those products that - in one way or another - have less demand. Imagine that we are in September and they have just opened a school next to your fashion store. It may be a good time to promote backpacks and cases in your accessories area.
  •         Make a difference. Make sales promotions that are practical and easy for your client to understand and try to set yourself apart from the competitors. It's fine to imitate those who do things best, but your store must have its own personality, that's the secret!


5 creative ideas for retail sales promotions

1. Integrated Combos and Packs

You can create packs offering a better overall price. This way you manage to sell two items and your client feels that he has taken advantage of the occasion. How about pairing Mickey's pajamas with the slippers of Going to the Mouse House? Imagination and having the correct stock will be the only limits to design attractive combos. Think about how to connect your products and get the most out of them.

 Sales promotion LOL

2. Pre-sale and exclusive sales

Creating a community, using empathy and close treatment are alternatives that you can play to benefit your store. Exclusive sales for "special customers" can be very helpful. You will make your regular shoppers feel unique by giving them the opportunity to get a better price for the products in your store on a particular day. These private sales are usually scheduled late in the afternoon to get more traffic. It's a good idea to have them coincide with the arrival of new merchandise or even considering a specific date for your business.


3. Loyalty programs

All major brands use loyalty programs for one obvious reason: to generate connections with the customer and attract them to the store more often. Sales promotions for retail have to be thought of with your best clients being the first to benefit from them. You can activate either one of these two systems:

  •         Stamp a card for every purchase: The card can have 10 boxes, for each purchase equal to or superior to 10 or 15 Euros, you get one box sealed. In the end, there may be a physical prize or a really interesting discount. The customer perceives the final advantage and when choosing between your shop or another, he will have more arguments to visit you. Create your Fidelity card!
  •         Design an offer every month for your customers with a card: When a customer gets your store card, they leave you important data, authorizing you to use it. From this moment, you can send personalized promotions by mail, reaching him/her more easily. You must know how old their children are, to define their interests and customize your commercial communications. This card also implies benefits for your buyer: once a month you will have a special offer, a discount, or access to exclusive products.

Example: We are in the LOL Surprise month, get the best articles with a 10% discount until the 30th!

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4. Discount code on your social networks

Still not selling online? If this is one of your pending subjects, don't worry. If you don’t have an active e-commerce site, you can also take advantage of social networks. Activate your Facebook page and give a new life to your website. Enter information about your licensed articles and characters, trendy items you add to your stock, or tips to keep your products. Always offer valuable information and include discounts to increase your base of followers. It is a good idea to offer promotional codes to print. Its validity would be limited in time and would be matched with the rest of your campaigns.

 Retail promotion of products

5. Contests or draws

Never doubt it! Schedule these actions through your social media outlets or in your physical store. Contests are a great alternative to boost the sales of some products or to promote your store and get new customers. Two illustrative examples:

  1. Contest: We are in the month of Disney articles. The best Disney drawing made by your younger customers will have a prize. They will be able to choose between a Frozen pack made of a hat, a scarf, and a pair of gloves or a Spiderman's dining set for school.
  2. A lottery: Among all customers of the month, we raffle "The Rain Combo": water boots and an umbrella of your favorite character.

*Pro-tip: In addition to implementing promotional ideas for clothing stores, improving the shopping experience can increase your sales:

  •         Create a relaxed atmosphere with music that children and parents alike.
  •         Dedicate yourself to your children's audience, why not dedicate a small space in the shop to the kids? A little table, paper, and pencils, some puzzles. Make the children want to visit you!
  •         Give balloons to small customers or include lollipops on the packaging - these details are used by big firms and they work!
  •         Take care of the image of the store. The shop window is important but so is the interior.


Trust Cerdá, 45 years of experience endorse us.

Trust Cerdá Group and let us help you grow your business turnover! We design, manufacture, wholesale, and distribute licensed items from the trendiest characters. Our textiles and accessories are of high quality. We are also wholesalers of children's footwear!

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