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The 5 top POS System for business

20 October 2019 / per Cerdá Group


 How do you identify the best among so many? Well, the best POS software will help you grow relationships with the customer, track your current and sold stock, manage your workers, and analyze all your data. 

There are plenty of them in the market while some of them can actually be used for free and some of them cost about $100 a month. Now, to help you with the list, here are the top 5 POS systems available in the market:



With a motive of giving everybody a chance to come forward and participate and thrive in the economy, this POS system understands how costs and complexity of the technologies these days have let many people not contribute much to the economy. They are helping people with amazing ideas in mind to turn them into a living by working and building on some tools that are comparatively easier to understand and can help people with lesser knowledge to enter the economy.



The toast empowers all the successful restaurants of all the sizes. It combines a point of scale, in front of the house, and also the guest-facing technology towards fulfilling its commitment to each customer’s success. They help their customers: the restaurants to cater to every need of their guests and do everything that the guests love. Its primary and only goal is to serve their customers in a way that they serve their customers well.



Well, this is rated to be the best POS system used on Ipads. Why? The simplest process to get you started, the most accurate reporting that helps you make more money, customizable hardware, an automatic software that handles your everyday chores, the lowest payment processing rate and free support 24/7. It might not be free but it makes every penny spent worth it. They will give you a tour of the entire process, for free and will give you a free quote for buying this affordable system.


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Vend has proven to be the best retail management software that has taken retail to the next level. With almost 25000 stores in around 140 countries, it is developing day by day and evolving according to its customer needs. In New Zealand, it was even identified as the fastest-growing tech company, and also took an award for hi-tech exporter of the year not once but twice. They do it all with one motive of helping the retailers in the world grow at a pace like other businesses.


IT Retail

It is a great step towards the simplest yet innovative and powerful technology that helps the grocery retailers boost their profitability. What is better than a business-owning up to their mistakes straightforwardly in front of their customers. They do not settle up for 100% but always try to give their 110% which shows how dedicated and passionate they are towards what they do. They work less for themselves but more for their customers. They know how dynamic the industry is and how innovative technology needs to be these days. Keeping in mind, they always aim for innovation the best.


We have evaluated the stated POS systems in terms of everything. Be it monthly cost, performance or innovative solutions to the consumer’s problems. All of them are reliable enough to be trusted for your data because each of them either uses a cloud or hybrid solution to operate. 


In Cerdá we have many years of experience in licensing business. Trusting in Cerdá, we will help you grow your business!


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