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Sell licensed products: characters that are a safe value for your store

22 October 2019 / per Cerdá Group


If you have decided to sell licensed products in your store and you have decided on this great sales method, you are lucky! At Cerdá we want to show you which are the characters that will undoubtedly be a perfect bet to sell in your store. Find out how to grow your business with licensed products.


Avengers licensed products


Avengers are undoubtedly the best series the world cinema ever had. The fans for this series are uncountable and their craze for the series is indescribable. We know how much loved this series is and hence Cerdá has a number of products for all those fans out there.

Your store will definitely see a difference in your sales once they have these licensing products with them. You need not think more to decide what to sell in 2020. You can choose among the travel bags that Cerdá has with the picture of Hulk on them and also the Avengers sign. 

Do not miss the handbags that it offers for those entire crazy Avengers fans that look a lot like Captain America’s tool. Also, the fanny pack one is something your customers will definitely like. For all the kids who love Avengers, Cerdá has a pencil box for you. Now, the stores have a lot of products to choose from which are surely going to boost their profits. Also, do not forget the caps that might drive your fans crazy.


sell licensed products



Spiderman products


Well, is it even possible to not talk about Spiderman when having a discussion about the most popular characters for a costume. Be it the 70s or be it today’s era, Spiderman has always been a choice for the kids worldwide. The cape has always made them feel like a Spiderman themselves. 

The power that this costume gives to anybody who wears it is indescribable. But, other than costume, Cerdá has a huge collection of Spiderman products to choose from which can be used in daily lives by the crazy fans. Be it the cool backpacks which also include the amazing bags that kids are going to love. Also, the pencil boxes and the pouches are also on the hit list of the kids worldwide.

 Do not miss them and the profits that these licensing products are going to offer your store. Do not forget the cool caps with Spiderman print on them that your customers will definitely love. 

We even have the clothing for kids on this theme for you to sell licensed products in your store.  The sets of clothes and the cool and cute pajamas are something that you should definitely include in your buy list this year. The clogs and the sandals are something that ought not to be missed if you need your sales and profits boosted up.


The Mandalorian, the best licensed to sell in you store 


Star Wars is one of the largest factories in the world, with an army of fans eagerly awaiting all its releases. And it is clear that, again, they have got it right again



The first season  of this new production has been a success, but the second one has even more beloved and successful. That’s why you must sell licensed products of The Mandalorian series. 

As distributors of Star Wars products, from Cerdá we want to offer all our customers a wide variety of items that can reach the more customers the better. For this reason, on our website you can find all kinds of The Mandalorian designs that will make young people and adults fall in love and that will make your business the favorite of all.

Without a doubt, these three licenses are a safe bet for your store. They do not go out of style and are the favorites of children and adults! If you want to succeed in your store and sell licensed products, register in our customer area and start now!


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