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Frozen 2 products wholesale: discover our novelties!

13 October 2019 / per Cerdá Group


And it is that both boys, girls and all adults, the sisters of Arendelle, Elsa and Anna, managed to steal a piece of heart.

Sven, Olaf, Hans ... Undoubtedly such successful, endearing and unforgettable characters have made their own place among the most beloved of Disney.

Who didn't melt in love with Olaf's warm hug? Or with the tenacity of the funny Anna? ... Well, be prepared to come back and, also, stomping!

Are you ready to meet all the demand for Frozen 2 products that you will have after its premiere?

Keep reading and we tell everything you need to know!

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The big day

Just two years ago they announced that they were already preparing the sequel to Frozen. Release date may vary by country.

A fantastic date, before Christmas, that the smallest of the house can obtain, make lists of kings in which Frozen 2 products are not lacking. So, start an organization and do not miss the opportunity to achieve success.


The magic returns ... and what else?

Without a doubt, the plot of the film is being a true mystery. In the two trailers that have been aired, small strokes of what the sisters must face throughout the cinema are seen, but, at no time, they reveal what will really happen or how. Adventures, magic and lots of love, that's for sure. And music, lots of music!

It seems that the scenario where the film will take place, this time, will not be Arendelle and that the search for answers will be the main focus of the whole film; Why does Elsa have her powers? Is it really as powerful as they imagined? Are your parents still alive? ... A couple of new characters will enter the scene, although it is not very well known if they are part of the past or present ...

And there you can read. Because the expectation is such that its creators do not want to leave a glimpse of anything else ... at least, for now.

We will have to wait to see her, surely she will not disappoint!


You can't miss the best Frozen products!

In Cerdá, as distributors of wholesale Disney licenses, we are very specific to the guaranteed success of Frozen 2 and, of course, the great demand for related products that will have passed its premiere on the big screen.

Therefore, we advise you to start preparing your store with everything you need to meet the needs of your customers.

The variety of Frozen products is very wide, and is intended for all types of audiences.

It is imperative that you can offer an assorted variety of backpacks, for example. With or without a car, pink or blue and, logically, with the image of Queen Elsa on it. Nor can you forget about caps, sunglasses, or different models of towels.

But that's not all because, in the face of winter, your customers will need different accessories to shelter. Like, for example, the panties for the neck or the most beautiful water boots in the whole park.

Plumieres, double or triple, ideal to go to school accompanied by your favorite Disney queen. Bum bags, pajamas, t-shirts, swimsuits and, of course, indispensable for any business, a wide assortment of footwear from which to choose.

In it, you can buy the funniest Frozen, finger or closed flip flops for the little ones. And, for the cold days of December, house slippers will be the best choice. In addition, you can offer your clients among the closed ones, with the image of the sisters, or open, with the friendly Olaf snowman.



The shoes, essential.

Another of the products of Frozen 2 that can not be missing in your window are the shoes. The models, sizes and colors are many and if you buy them, your customers will find, for sure, what they are looking for.

Canvas shoes, for example, in different types; Low-stemmed or Merceditas, blue, pink, velcro or laces. The little ones at home can also take their favorite characters to the mountain, with the most original Trekking boots on the market!

Choose the product you choose from Frozen 2 products, you will be ensuring the success of the sales. Because, in addition to having the most beloved Disney character of the moment, you will be having quality, originality and creativity.


Seize the moment and get on Hurricane Frozen! Only with Cerdá


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