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7 effective and simple ecommerce tips and tricks

27 August 2019 / per Cerdá Group

As a company, selling online has a number of benefits, and is also a great system to significantly reduce your cost of doing business. Do you know how to do this? Keep reading, at Cerdá we bring you the keys to success.


Ecommerce tips and tricks to sell more


1. Boost your sales

If you have an e-commerce, one of the key points is to boost the number of sales, and for this, you need to be known by a larger audience. Being an online store, your reach is higher, and the best way to reach the whole world is, without a doubt, social networks.


But you don’t have to be present in all of them – focus on those that can bring the most benefits for the time you dedicate to them. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn are the most recommended, so waste this opportunity.


ecommerce tips to sell more


2. Dedicate time to Social Network management

There is more to it than having a presence in Social Networks; you also need to manage them adequately. The way in which you do is paramount to the development of your business, which is why you need to pay special attention to this.

Create valuable content; in other words, that offers all of the information that users need to know. Interact with your audience, post often and don’t ever leave a review or comment unanswered. Address their inquiries and interact with them. Be respectful and stay faithful to your brand. Create polls, promotions… anything that comes to mind!

That is the best way to increase your engagement, or in other words, gain the loyalty of your customers.


3. Quality licensed products and follow the trends

Consumers look for quality in the products that they buy, which is why it is essential for the ones you sell to be updated and manufactured with quality materials.

The characters on them need to be the ones that the audience is looking to buy, and it is because of this that at Cerdá we always keep our catalogs in line with the latest trends and the highest quality.

Also is very important follow the trends and the most popular characters. If you do not offer the popular characters, maybe You can not attract too much customers


4. Create a blog

This is another essential point to boost the sale of licensed products on your e-commerce. Almost every online store platform allows for the creation of a blog – having one makes it much easier to get a good positioning and attracting a larger audience to your store. In it you can describe your products more in detail, make recommendations, give advice and showcase novelties.


ecommerce tips and tricks


5. Make your web responsive

What does this mean? Well, ensuring that users can access it from their mobiles. It is proven that nowadays over 60% of users use their mobiles to buy licensed products online; therefore, it is fundamental for your website, your blog and your e-commerce to be perfectly tailored to this device. If you are not prepared to receive mobile visits, they will move on and you will lose a prospective client, and their purchase.


6. Customer care is key

It’s not all about selling, but also about gaining the loyalty of your customers. And to accomplish this, good customer care is paramount. Make sure that shipments arrive as they should, within agreed-upon times and free from defects.

Care for your clients so that they are satisfied with their purchase; answer their questions, follow-up on deliveries, accept exchanges and returns, reward their loyalty…


7. Payment methods

Security is a key factor that all online customers deeply care for, so offer electronic payment options that are effective and secure. There are many different options, with the most popular being:

- Credit/Debit card payment: virtual POS with authentication are the most widespread in most e-commerce stores.

- PayPal: without a doubt, this is the undisputed leader in licensed product e-commerce websites in our country. It works as an intermediary and offers high security in the use of personal data and buyer protection from fraudulent sales.

- Amazon Payments: with this option, customers won’t need to enter their information again if they are Amazon clients.

At Cerdá we have been specializing in the use of children’s licenses for over 40 years. Put your trust on our experience for your business.


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Tips and Advice Online sales


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