Licensing fairs, meetings and events for 2019

25 August 2019 / per Cerdá Group

We at Cedra group are committed to helping both the retailers and customers learn more about such important licensing events and thus have compiled a list of the most important licensing fairs that are set to happen in the next few months. We hope that you will find these licensing expos 2019 and licensing fairs as interesting and catering to your needs.


China Licensing Expo

The China Licensing Expo 2019 is planned to commence on 24th July and will be ending on the 26th   of the same month in Shanghai, China. The expo is the largest professional licensing platform in Asia. This event is a big opportunity for businesses worldwide to meet the huge potential of the evolving China licensing industry in order to spot trends, build partnerships and to secure rights to brands’ rights.

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This trade fair is a meeting point for commercial potential in eight sectors namely household articles, handicrafts, travel articles, latest proposals in textiles, accessories for furnishing and decorating homes, ideas for informal and fantasy gifts and utility objects. The event will take place from 11th to 15th September in Madrid, Spain.


Kids India

This fair is considered the most significant business to business product fair for children in India. The fair will take place in the Bollywood town of Mumbai from 26 to 28 September. The event will showcase the latest innovations in a wide range of products that are meant for kids and small children. A fair is an ideal place for international manufacturers to establish a network with the decision-makers from wholesale and retail trade chains.


Fall Toy Preview

This event is a popular one in the toy industry where innovative toy lines are presented and market trends are revealed. The event will take place in Dallas, the USA from 2nd to 4th October.


Brand Licensing Europe

Brand Licensing Europe is a grand event that is all set to begin from 1st October till 3rd October in London, UK. This Brand Licensing Europe event is a grand affair where some 2500 brands and properties will display their exhibit in various sectors like sports, entertainment, characters, heritage, gaming, arts, etc. The retailers worldwide can use this opportunity to build strong relationships, identify trends and to secure brands’ rights.

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The Kind+Jugend trade fair that follows the motto “Learn from children and stay curious” was founded in 1960. Since then this licensing fair is organized yearly according to the interests of children and toddlers and displays a wide range of products like toys, car seats, children’s furniture, toiletries, clothing, etc. The event will take place in Messe Koln between 19th and 22nd September.  


China Kids Expo

This expo is considered as Asia’s leading fair in toys and baby products. It brings together innovative products, export-oriented manufacturers, and popular industry trends under one roof. The event will take place in Shanghai, China between 16 and 18 October.



The event will happen in Cannes, France between 14th and 17th October. This fair is mainly focused on the television industry, represented by television representatives and studio stations, who commit to buy and sell new programs and formats for distributors worldwide.


Franchising and Licensing Asia

This affair presents a grand occasion to explore exciting business opportunities. This is a moment that retailers worldwide wait for in order to meet franchise and license brands under one roof. The event will commence between 24th and 26th October in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.


Hong Kong International Mega Show

This event which is dedicated to the supply market will happen between 20th and 29th October in Hong Kong, China. This event is a little different in the way it takes place in two rounds, where the first round is dedicated to things like gifts, packaging, home décor, games while the second round is devoted to accessories, home textiles, stationery, etc.


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