Products and Novelties for fan pets

For Fan Pets: new accessories for dogs have arrived to Cerdá

25 April 2021 / per Cerdá Group

At Cerdá, we know the sentimental and emotional value that pets have for their owners. That is why we have developed a collection for these beautiful members of the family.

If you're ready to diversify your store's products and serve the licensed pet market, let's get started!

Toys, and pets accessories 

We always want our pets to be the center of all eyes, look good, and have comfortable accessories. However, few companies and stores offer good licensed pet products or the materials don't have enough quality and can be harmful to pets. That is why in Cerdá, we found this business opportunity, and we have shared it with our clients to help them grow their business.

We have created an exclusive selection of clothes, accessories, and toys for pets, ideal for those fans of series, movies, music, or superheroes. Next, we will name you some items from our collection:


This accessory is the most commonly seen in dogs for hundreds of centuries, and apparently, it will never go out of style due to its great aesthetics. Our collars made of polyester can be placed with just one click and adjusted by just pulling a part of the collar to be comfortable for the dog and the owner. 

Additionally, all our collars come in sizes XXS/XS/S/M/L and with renowned licenses like The Mandalorian, Minnie and Wonder Woman among others.


Some owners feel that a dog collar can be a bit overbearing and want something much more adorable but more eye-catching and comfortable. The polyester or nylon Harness is placed with a single click on the pet's chest to take a walk, and it is comfortable, does not hang, is very easy to wash, and comes in sizes XXS/XS/S/M/L. 


In case you do not want to complicate your life by washing a harness weekly, a Petral is the most minimalist alternative to avoid the use of a collar, and it is still elegant if it has a good design. Usually, this accessory is made of nylon; it has a medal that must go through the pet's legs, it connects with a click, and it exists in the exact sizes as the previous accessories.

Dog lead

Without this accessory, it would be impossible to walk our pets down the street because this is the physical bond that binds us to them. A nylon dog lead can be enough to support a massive dog due to its excellent nylon composition, and this lead can combine the designs with any petral, collar, or harness. We develop these dog leads with S/M measures.

Dogs clothes  an collar of starwars

Dog clothes

Who said that only humans could dress in fashion? Some people may think that it is unnecessary to buy clothes for a pet, but many owners consider them a family member. At Cerdá, we developed three clothing models for dogs such as a Sweatshirt, a single T-shirt jersey, and a coat.

Most of our dog clothes come in all sizes from XXS to M, but we recommend visiting our website to determine each design's dimensions. You’ll find clothes of Batman, Baby Yoda, Spiderman and much more!

Bowls and dog beds

The vital accessories for dogs are a bowl to eat and a bed to rest after a day full of fun. That is why we could design food bowls that look like something out of a Hollywood movie, comfortable dog mattresses, and perfect beds for small dogs or cats. On the other hand, these products are made with excellent quality materials such as polyester and metal.


This products collection couldn't be complete without the toys they want just by looking at them. Most of these toys are made for dogs to have something to chew on, like dental string or teethers, but we also have cat wands, polyester padded toys, and freebies.

We have licensed pet toys of Marvel, Avengers, and even AC/DC. Such products are a safe choice for those who desire to generate sales more efficiently.

At Cerdá we are great animal lovers and we know that your clients do too! Do not miss this great novelty that is undoubtedly being a success in stores. Discover the entire collection!

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Products and Novelties for fan pets


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