summer Products and Novelties

The heat is coming. Prepare your stock with the summer 2020 collection of Cerdá

4 March 2020 / per Cerdá Group

Children can appreciate a lot of fun and the parents can experience extreme relaxation. Ready to sell our summer 2020 collection? These will be the most premiered products.

Summer products for every occasion

When it is summer, we have trips and walks in mind that keep children busy and keep us distracted from daily work. Therefore, we will recommend what to do on this vacation and what are the necessary products for each adventure with the company of the most famous drawings of this year. They are Frozen, Baby Shark, Spiderman, Poopsie Unicorn, Lol Surprise, Mickey and Minnie, Harry Potter, and Star Wars.

Travel: If we travel to another city or country, we must have the accessories to protect the objects we carry for our children.

  •         The travel toilet set is an essential utensil. It is a case with a hairbrush, a microfiber towel, and bottles to insert the shampoo and cologne. About the design, they have an impression on polyester canvas.


Going shopping: A shoulder bag is the cutest thing girls would wear on vacation. But for adults or Kidults, a handbag is perfect for storing everything that would not fit into a traditional purse.

  •         About the handbags, we have a model with holographic appearance, a shopping model that is made of cotton with animation, and a transparent collection model.
  •         In the case of girls, they would have our fashion shoulder bags with glitter in which they would keep their lip gloss, comb, and candy that mom and dad buy at the mall.


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A water day: If we are on the beach, in the pool or a water park, no matter what, we will need sunglasses, towels, hats and bathing suits, but the most crucial thing will be the bag to store all the family things because It must have enough space, resist heat and water.

  •         These beach bags are part of our premium accessories. They have the measures of 47x34x13 CM, a print on polyester canvas of the most popular characters in the world, and a braided cotton rope handle.
  •         Our lenses have a high reduction of solar rays, perfect for taking care of our children's eyes. We have from simple designs to fun designs such as premiums; here, you will find glitter, flower, pineapple and heart shapes, colors, 3D applications, and more. Caring has never been as fun as now.
  •         The towels are made of cotton and polyester; its designs are very attractive and leave the traditional rectangular with round shapes and fun ponchos.
  •       Caps: The sunscreen is not enough to take care of the skin during the summer, and here you will find the best sellers, the special caps with 3D designs.
  •       Summer clothes for children in these places are the swimsuit and comfortable shoes that can be combined.


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Disney Park: Entering to a Disney Park is wearing Disney accessories, as are the typical Mickey and Minnie ears that you can find on our headbands and hats section.


Importance of preparing your stock

Be the first to order your stock, and you will be the first to sell when the summer season arrives, even before it comes. Even if the people do not have in mind to buy the necessary products for summertime at this moment, when they see your store, they will be familiar. Once the season comes, they will know that they can find the products there; you would be option number one. Visit Cerdá’s website!


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summer Products and Novelties


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