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How to adapt your store strategy to the digital world

26 August 2020 / per Cerdá Group

Today customers expect relevant content about what they are doing anytime, anywhere and in the format and device of their choice. It is their journey that determines your strategy. Digital transformation is a profound change that affects business processes, ecosystems, and models as they integrate digital technologies at all levels.

Are you worried about sales? If you want to adopt a digital strategy for your store, you are at the right place! At Cerda, we always search for the best information for your business and we will help you to adapt your store strategy to the digital world.


Getting started with Digital transformation

Digital evolution is an ongoing journey for every business. You have to build your store online presence if you want to survive in the post-pandemic era. A perfect strategy is like the backbone of your store sales. You need to do some research on your audience and strategy to bring traffic to your store. Of course, the old method of selling is no longer works; now you have to think differently. Adapting a physical store to e-commerce is very important in making your job easier and having more control over your products and sales.

For this, business resource planning is key, as you can combine finance, your existing inventory, and the entire commercial aspect. Follow these simple tips to build your store online presence


Understand your audience 

An online presence helps you connect with your target audience in two ways by gathering ideas and feedback. Opening an online store will not bring any benefits, but all its previous steps are well defined. So try to determine exactly what audience you want to target. Get to know about your targeted audience and your buyer's interest. If you know about your audience, you can get more leads. 


Showcase of product

Attractive visuals can bring a lot of footsteps, as well as web traffic. For a successful physical and online store, you need to present your products well. You can work on windows, lighting, and environment of your physical store. But to grow digitally, you need to work on your product visuals. Must follow these points while uploading your product images on your site.

  • Upload 2D and 3D view of products.
  • Bring creativity, so people recognize your store.
  • Mention design, specification, price and attractive product description. 
  • Talk about color and material of the product.
  • Place sale and discount tags with products.


Develop personal relationships with your users at the grassroots level

This means doing research and collecting information about your customers in order to gain their trust in the online world. Your customers are already active on social media and this is where you should be. 

Instead of waiting for a client to contact you, you need to reach out to them, build relationships, and help educate them. You can do this by sharing relevant content and your experiences as part of solving their problems.


Marketing and branding

Build your brand online presence. Set up an e-commerce store of your brand and show your audience that you have a physical and digital existence. Create marketing strategies for your brands that help you better connect with your audience.


Create the perfect link between the store and online and experience

You can create a platform in which, after winning the prize online, your customers will have to come to the store to receive it. By leading them to exchange vouchers for free goods, you significantly increase the traffic of your store.

Run Ads of your services

Everyone is on social media. You can run your store product ads on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, to get more leads. You need to spend on social media ads instead of printing flex and announcements in your area. If a user sees your products advertisement on social media, he will remind your brand and products and you probably have more chances to get sales. 


Make Buying process easy

If you have an e-commerce store, you should make your attractive buying process. You can make a guide on how to buy and place buttons of "add to cart" or "buy now" with each product. You should properly configure the different payment options. You can select payment by credit card, cash on delivery, PayPal. It will make your customer mind of buying if they find a convenient buying process. 


In Cerdá Group, we have implemented all these incredible tips to make sure our business grows and still attractive to our customers. Your strategy is vital for your business and will help you increase sales. Do not miss this opportunity of facing the 2020's industry challenges thanks to your store strategy!


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