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Pets products. The consumer trend and the future of licenses

24 August 2020 / per Cerdá Group

Emotionally, our pets provide us with a well-being, peace, joy and tranquility that fill us with those deficiencies that today's society infringes on us, making them part of our lives and becoming a fundamental part of our families. This new family category has created a new business system, increasingly booming, where pet products are the boom in profits.

At Cerdá we are animal lovers and loyal to our customers and, therefore, we will explain what this new trend consists of.


More pets than children

Although it may seem surprising, there are currently more pets than children under the age of 15 in homes. The rhythm of life that we lead, the low wages, the inability to organize family time and reconcile it with work, as well as the increase in life expectancy and the terrible feeling of loneliness that afflicts the general population, have inclined the balance towards the animal world. Where its members bring company, love and happiness without supplying an expense or a coordination problem as demanding as a child.

It is estimated that, in Spain, more than 40% of households have a pet and that, in each house, the annual expenditure for their care and pet products is more than 1,000 euros. Ahead, we can see the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Italy, who have more than assumed that their pets, are and always will be one more member of the family. 


Business opportunity

Taking these data into account, it is evident that there is a business opportunity that, day after day, increases substantially. Despite the fact that the variety of pets passes through a wide range of species, it is evident that the most esteemed are dogs and cats.

According to clinical studies, the purring of a cat is capable of calming anxiety and depression, and petting a dog causes such a feeling of happiness that it helps to cure depression. In addition, the affection and love of these animals is infinite, reaching over their own well-being to provide their owners as much as necessary. Their mere presence appeases the loneliness of those who have no one else and those who care for them learn fundamental values ​​that enrich their minds.

Therefore, the relationship that is created between both species, the human and the animal, is strengthened in such a way that they become indispensable for each other, thus becoming the companion animal, one more member of the family.

Thus, love is such that the owners have no restrictions when it comes to investing their economy in them, whether it be food, medical care, products for dogs or cats, or even luxury accessories.

Trends in pet products 

Among the most notable trends that are appearing in pet products are veterinary advancements. If the animal becomes ill, every effort is made to cure it, so specialized treatments, machinery and medicines are being carried out to achieve this.

But, in addition, textile accessories are increasingly at the forefront. Jackets, raincoats and even booties that protect our traveling companions from the weather. But, not everyone is worth it. Quality becomes, as with the rest of the family members, paramount. And besides, if they are licensed items they are even more desired, since who doesn't want their best friend to wear a t-shirt with, for example, their favorite Disney character?

Another great trend is canine au pair. And not the centers or kennels where to leave our pets while we travel or attend to matters that they cannot attend. But centers specialized in the care of dogs and cats that serve as au pairs in our own home or in yours.

Of course, we cannot forget about food. Where organic, healthy and chemical-free products are gaining ground.


At Cerdá we like to be aware of all consumer trends in order to offer our customers the products they need. And this is a very clear trend!

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Products and Novelties for fan pets


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