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Pajama party! new winter products for your store are available in Cerdá

7 September 2020 / per Cerdá Group

Adults, teenagers and children are all invited to Cerdá’s pajama party! You do not have to lose sleep coming up with the perfect outfit all on your own because now Cerdá  presents you our winter collection. For all ages and tastes!


Enjoy with our new winter products

Winter is the coldest season of the year and it is the richest season in adults and children fashion. The biggest advantage of betting on winter products to add them to your stock is that not only do they are appropriate for that period but also for almost the whole year.

This year at Cerdá we have wanted to offer you more and that is why we have added new products to our winter collection and also, this time, for all ages and all tastes! In addition to our shoes, hats or gloves we have added new models of pajamas to which your clients will not be able to resist.

Without a doubt it is a collection that we know is sweeping stores and will be a success. Keep reading and discover all our news!


Winter pajamas, the pajama party starts!

Pajamas are the garment we wear throughout the winter. Warm, comfortable and with our favorite characters? A guaranteed success!

When we go to sleep we just want to have sweet dreams and forget about everything around us to rest and enjoy the hours of sleep and if our heroes and characters from television, cinema or music accompany us, without a doubt, it is a value added.

It is one of the most demanded products this winter and in this collection you have something for all ages and tastes! Without a doubt, in your business you should have a wide variety of them, from those with current characters to the classic ones that never fail.Don't miss them!


Pajamas of their favorite characters 

For this winter, children will not be able to sleep without their favorite pajamas. So that they do not get cold and especially so that they sleep comfortably, happily and calmly, they need quality pajamas and that they have their favorite characters.


The Avengers 

For this winter the most admired heroes of television are present to help you increase your sales in your store. With innovative and striking designs comes the strongest and friendliest team. No matter the age, for children, teenagers or adults, The Avengers pajamas are available for all ages and with different designs for all tastes.

Your clients will not be able to resist and will want to get hold of them at all costs.



Disney classics Minnie and Mickey 

In our winter products, Mickey and Minnie are here to stay and that's clear. Regardless of our age, the adventures of this team have always represented a part of our childhood and that of our children.

Therefore, they are always present in all our collections so that you can incorporate them into your store. With its most representative color, you cannot miss the new garments with the two characters in red and black. They can also combine it with robes or slippers to go around the house, everything together!


Harry Potter’s magic returns

We cannot forget the character with the most magic on television. Harry Potter is always a great bet and is loved by young and old. That's why we offer you these pajamas that will make us remember all the great adventures of our favorite magicians.

In garnet and blue colors we present the pajamas with more personality so that you can incorporate them into your stores, also with the matching robe and cushions!


Winter products: the best winter accessories for your store 

And we have not only added the collection of pajamas to our winter products. We offer you different complements and accessories for children and adults that will surely help you increase your sales


Gown and house slippers 

What better than a pajama with all its accessories to match. That is why we offer you robes and house slippers to go around the house that go with all of our pajamas. For example, you can find the robes of the highest grossing series in history, Friends or the most beloved classics such as Minnie and Mickey to combine with their best pajamas.

In addition, you can find house slippers to go home from Marvel, Harry Potter or The Mandalorian so that they can combine all their winter pajamas



T-shirts and sweatshirts

If you are thinking that your clients also want to go out this winter with their favorite characters, you are right! For this reason, we offer you in our winter collection a wide variety of sweatshirts and t-shirts so that they always carry their heroes with them.

You can find Marvel t-shirts for adults with more subtle and adapted designs so that they can wear them at all times. But we also offer you children's designs so that all children can go to school with their best friends.


At Cerdá we always think about helping our distributors, therefore, we are constantly innovating our collections to offer you the best. Do not hesitate and add our winter products to your stock.

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Products and Novelties Winter


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