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Advantages and disadvantages of influencers in the licensing sector

19 February 2020 / per Cerdá Group

Social Networks have been another great discovery, a tremendous advance for both customers and brands, becoming a platform for both of them to get what they are looking for.

And, with Social Networks, a great marketing tool has appeared: the influencers. This may all be new and you don't know exactly what it is, what are the benefits of influencers or their disadvantages. So, from Cerdá, we want to help you know everything and, thus, you can decide whether to introduce them in your own marketing strategy.


What is an influencer?

The first thing you should know is that an influencer is a person who, over time, has managed to gain the trust of his followers through social networks. This means that all your opinions will have a great weight in your community and that, in addition, it grows by leaps and bounds daily. But we are not only talking about adults, but today, there are also children's fashion influencers, who are really fascinating and that carry a lot of followers with them.


Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages and disadvantages of influencers are many and varied, and depend on the strategy you want to achieve.

In the first place, it should be noted that they represent a great advantage for a product or service since, through its mention and dissemination through its social network channel, greater brand recognition is achieved. In addition, through the influencers figure, it is possible to reach a much higher, faithful and confident audience.

The main disadvantage that can be caused if the influencer who is going to represent the brand is not chosen well. That is, if we do not get him to commit himself properly, if he does not manage his role well or if he also begins to represent the competition.


How can I calculate the ROI?

It is likely that we find it difficult to understand what are the results that we are going to obtain by having the services of a child influencer, but in reality it is quite simple if the following points are taken into account: 

  • Scope: How many people have seen the publication, or publications, that the little influencer has done. 
  • Engagement: How many people liked the post. That is, how many have given the like. 
  • Reaction: How many people have reacted to the publication leaving their own opinion. Both positive and negative.

Once we have valued all of the above, to know the return on investment that has brought us to have an influencer we will develop the following formula:

Number of users with engagement (that is, all likes plus all comments) divided by the total number of followers the influencer has, multiplied by 100. The result in% will be the total.


Licensing and influencers

In the licensing sector, working with influencers is a fashion that is here to stay. The fact of working with this type of profiles makes the scope increase and with it, the possibilities of generating more sales.

These are just some of the examples in which the opportunity to work with influencers in the licensing sector becomes more evident.


Rachel Pitzel

Using her own brand, Rachel Pitzel partners with companies to create and share content, often with her daughters or my family. This influencer is one of the most famous Instagram with more than 476,000 followers. Rachel made more than 6 figures in 2017 in her collaborations with brands such as Samsung, Disney, Nickelodeon or Ralph Lauren among others.

In this video he shows his experience at one of the attractions dedicated to Guardians of the Galaxy in Disneyland California.


Rosanna Pansino

With more than 11.8 million subscribers on YouTube Rosanna Pansino is a celebrity in Social Media. In his weekly cooking program "Nerdy Nummies" he creates sweets inspired by various licenses such as GOT, Star Trek, The Legend of Zelda or Brave. This pastry guru has already launched its own line of kitchen products with agreements with several brands.


Millennial Moms

The quintessential YouTube channel for moms in which we can from taking ideas for birthdays, receiving advice for the education of the little ones to organizing a trip taking into account the budget and the condition of leaving with children.

7 modern mothers who serve as inspiration and reference for millions of subscribers eager for their next videos in which there is always room for advertising!



In Cerdá we have years of experience in the licensing sector. If you want to know more about licenses and how to exploit them, visit our blog!


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