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13 February 2020 / per Cerdá Group

This time, we bring you the casual Marvel products that will never bore you because they are cartoons that adapt to all ages; let's not forget that today the millennial generation stands out more than before.

Who use these products?

Children were our main niche when we formed Cerdá Group. However, during the last two decades, parents and young people over 20, better known as kidults, have become our allies by becoming interested in products of characters. To some, the products remind them of their childhood and, in the case of parents, the products connect them with their children and that moment that made them feel happy while kids were with them enjoying.

How will parents not to love these characters if they see their children grow up watching them? And, how will young people not to like them if they grew up with them and reading their comics? Millennials and parents share something in common, the happiness they lived for a while and that they continue to live, is about connection, almost as strong as Thor's thunder.


Available backpack models

Backpack models are considered casual because there is no specific gender, age, or use to buy them. If a product is for school use, people can also use it for travel, even if it is not in the section; that's why they are casual Marvel backpacks:


We have a new design that looks childish and serious at the same time because of its cold colors in the print that has the faces of the God of Thunder, Iron-man, the Incredible Hulk, and Captain America. Besides, it complies with measures 300X440X120MM, that is, that young people and adults can enjoy this design. The important thing about this model for the beginning of classes is that it has a compartment to store the smallest details, and it is 100% polyester material that will make the bag resistant for years.


CERDÁ_Image_blog_post 730x300 (31)-1


Our Marvel handbags are perfect to go to the supermarket, to the beach, to the pool, to the gym, or whatever you can think.  They are the best complements to enjoy your day a day with your favorite Marvel characters such as Captain Marvel. 

They have everything anyone needs. Comfortable, functional and with spectacular designs of your favorite characters! 


This section highlights the comic designs of your best friends Spiderman, Captain America, among others, reminding everyone what it is to be a team and the happiest moments they lived reading each page of their stories. The best thing is that children love it. 


CERDÁ_Image_blog_post 730x300 (33)-1

Among them you can find a backpack completely covered in comic design with two compartments in front and one to the next for a bottle. Which measures 220x225x114 and it 100% polyester. 

The other favorite backpack is transparent with a minimalist style because some people love the "less is more"; it is 60% PVC and 40% polyester with the comic design on the padded strips and measures 28,5 X 40 X 10 CM. 

Cerdá group specializes in licensed products for children and adults. Do not miss the opportunity to fill your store with the most demanded marvel products. 


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Disney products Products and Novelties


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