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Cerdá presents its best characters in its new line of stationary

26 February 2020 / per Cerdá Group

 We, knowing how important these products are for the customers, we are committed to surprise them with best stationary characters designs of in your store.

Meet the different accessories and characters

Cerdá Group stands out for having the variety that people want to see. It means that our service has been a success for the market, and as the essential thing for us are their needs, we seek to have quality accessories that will last for years.

Mickey and Minnie

The classics will always be everyone's favorites. Its animation is so important that it represents an entire identity, all of Disney.

    • We have two stationery sets, one from Minnie in pop art style with the predominance of black, red, and white colors, and another is from Mickey that has a collage style in one of the accessories and a minimalist in another. Both sets bring a medium notebook, a small bloc, 3 packs of sticky notes, and 3 click bonder.
    • We have a set of sticky notes of varied sizes; They are the perfect choice to highlight the most important of the class or to make work more fun.
    • There is always the customer who loves to collect pens, and for them, we have a pack of 6. The Minnie set has the characteristic points of her dress, and the silhouette of her face, while Mickey's has the shape of his face, gloves, and pants.
    • If classes are about to start, you have to sell the set of notebooks with 18 pieces of 90% paper and 10% plastic. 
    • Or denotes authenticity with the Premium designs we have of pet material, paper, plastic, polyester, and leatherette.


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Harry Potter

It is is a fantastic world that only "Potterheads" can understand. It has become a way of life to have something representative of this saga that grew up with more than one.

  • The designs of our set of 18 notebooks are basic, and the most important thing is that they adapt to any age. We have 6that are: the silhouette of Dobby, the symbol of The Deathly Hallows, and one of each Howard's house.
  • The notebooks are 32X27X15CM and are made of 90% paper and 10% plastic.
  • The stick note set could not be missing in our Harry potter stationery; its three designs represent Gryffindor, the house of Harry Potter.
  • What is more iconic than the animals in each Howard's house, the round lenses with the lightning scar, and the film's typography to represent Harry Potter? That is why they are the symbols of our set of pens.
  • Harry Potter also has its stationary set with the theme of Gryffindor and a 26X23.5X3CM measurement.
  • Premium notebooks have outstanding designs such as the Marauders Map, the round lenses with Harry's scar, and the 9 ¾ station. They are smaller with 16X21.8CM, but they have excellent materials as well as leatherette and PET.

Star Wars

Kidults mostly buy our new products at Star Wars stationery. It is one of the first sagas with special effects that made us enter a new world. Also, this saga experienced its most emotional stage after the last film released in December. 

  • The Chewbacca notebook of 75% paper and 25% polyester is everyone's favorite because it simulates being made with the character's own fur, and its size of 16X21.8CM makes it a comfortable accessory to wear. 
  • And as we know that although many would like to be Jedi, we are always attracted to the dark side. That is why a Stormtrooper design in leatherette could not be missing.


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It is the largest company in the world in animation and entertainment. With Disney, we have cried, shouted, laughed, and grown. With this company, we learned to dream and believe in us as magic through the teachings of the Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and other characters. 

  • The princesses and the pair of mice are in almost all our accessories, so for a change, we have a set of 18 notebooks with different characters such as the villain Ursula, Stitch, Dumbo, Simba, the magic carpet of Aladdin and Donald Duck. With them, your customers will thank you because in front of the others, they will be original.

You still do not have any stationary line in your store? Cerdá Group offers to you the best products for your client. Contact us for more information!

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