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The art of window dressing

3 October 2023 / per Cerdá Group

Window design has its art, more specifically compositions developed by the Greeks over 2,000 years ago. Artists throughout history have researched ways of displaying the characters in a work so that they maintain balance and are appealing to the eye. If you want to know how these art concepts can help you better understand the use you can make of your window display, this post is for you.

On the other hand, if you want to know how to decorate your shop window according to the season:

  1.  Function of shop windows
  2. Composition, direct the gaze
    2.1. Triangles
    2.2. Diagonal
    2.3. Squares and circles
  3. Tell a story
  4. Examples of shop windows and art

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1. What are shop windows for?

Shop windows have evolved a lot since the end of the 19th century. At that time it was enough to show the products that the customer could buy inside the shop. Nowadays, the shopping streets are full of displays and shoppers strolling through them are saturated with simple mannequins in jackets and ties. To stand out today you have to differentiate yourself and the best way is to sell experiences. Shop windows are no longer there to show products, they have the function of transmitting ideas and feelings that attract the customer's attention.

For this job you don't need to invent anything, the history of art has many examples and keys to design an attractive shop window.

2. Direct the gaze

The attention of customers is highly valued, if you want to get it you must be able to control their gaze.

2.1. Triangle

If you are observant you will have noticed that many shop windows use a triangular composition. Traditionally, this is the most stable structure, as it has more weight in the lower area, allowing the products placed in the centre to stand out and give exclusivity, the higher the more attention. At the same time, it gives rise to symmetry, another widely used resource. If you decide to use this composition and also divide it into heights, it is advisable to use 3 or less so as not to saturate the customer with too much information.


2.2. Diagonal

The next most effective arrangement is the diagonal, especially the one that starts from the bottom left and rises as it moves to the right. This is because we are used, from writing, to looking at things from left to right.  Baroque artists realised this and created the "baroque diagonal", which is present in many of the works of this period. In the end, a diagonal is still half a triangle.



2.3. Squares and circles

On the other hand, square or rectangular compositions also offer stability but lose the ability to direct the gaze to a specific point. They are useful in large spaces. Finally, round compositions are rare in classical art, but appear a little in contemporary art. They can be very useful in shop windows as the centre is very easy to find and stands out a lot.


3. Telling a story

Once you have managed to capture and direct the customer's gaze, make sure it is worthwhile. Tell a story, convey an idea, seek the feelings of the viewer... Get creative! Get creative! Use background decorations or colours that contextualise your product and its essence. Keep in mind that attention spans are getting shorter and shorter and you have to convey as much as possible in the shortest possible time.


4. Relationship between art and shop windows

Art is not just useful for window dressing, it has sometimes been the protagonist.

Yayoi Kusama: The Japanese artist has appeared on the façade of one of Louis Vuitton's shops and in its shop windows. On the latter occasion in the form of a robot that painted her works on the glass itself.

JoJo's: A Japanese animated series, "anime", which appeared with some of its characters in Gucci's shop windows in different parts of the world.

Shop windows are the customer's first impression of your shop, this is generated in less than ten seconds, so you have no time to lose, apply concepts and be inspired by art to get the attention of potential customers and grow your business.

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