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Kidults: how can I reach them with licensed products?

30 March 2021 / per Cerdá Group

At Cerdá, we also believe that age is just a number, and what matters is how you feel inside. If you don't know anything about Kidults, here are the basics you need to know about this segment of the licensed products market.


What are Kidults and why do I have to consider them for my Geek store?


We can summarize that a Kidult is an adult who likes fashions for young minors, video games, comics, and movies for teenagers. Many people believe that Kidults are just immature people, but they are people who do not get carried away by a standard of society and who will not leave their tastes because "it is normal."

It may not be the largest market segment of all, but it is the ideal segment to drive purchases of licensed products for children because they have the purchasing power to buy what they want from a store. Also, a Geek store is a magnet to attract Kidults and a gold mine if you invest in licensed products from the people in trend among these people.

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What types of products are adults looking for?


Kidults are not afraid to wear “teen” products in public so that you can offer an ocean of options. However, they usually look for accessories that they can use in their daily lives, such as pins, notebooks, umbrellas, diaries, caps, backpacks, hats, key chains, handbags, or other useful products.

On the other hand, the clothes for the Kidults can be a bit complicated, but there is nothing better than t-shirts and sweaters with minimalist designs or a little more serious than the normal ones.



Digital strategies to reach kidults to your store

Kidults may seem like an excellent option to generate income, but you must know your store's market very well to see if they can be part of that target audience you want. If you analyzed the situation of your store and you think that kidults might be interested in it, we recommend these strategies:

  • Investigate which are the most requested licenses for kidults and most successful movies at the box office.
  • Periodically analyze the premieres of superhero movies and the figures of their impact on the market.
  • Create promotions for accessories made for this audience.
  • Redesign the store so that the environment is ideal for all the public, and more for the kidults.
  • Find other products that are of interest to them to generate more sales or get their attention.
  • Survey college students and 17-year-olds in school to contrast their tastes and find a similar pattern.
  • Use digital platforms such as web pages or social networks to make it easier to purchase a product. 


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When it comes to selling licensed products to Kidults, you sell an experience and an item with a sentimental value that can be very important because someone may be a collector. 

That is why we recommend you offer them a good shopping experience and always offer them what they are looking for because if you satisfy one, they could give a good reference to their friends about your store. At Cerdá we are always including new products for this target which is increasing during these last year.


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Kidults: what are they?


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