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Back to school promotion ideas for your store

12 April 2021 / per Cerdá Group

But, it doesn't mean your store would not be able to benefit from any great back-to-school promotions. There are a lot of awesome ways to attract an audience of parents, teachers, and little buyers to your business. To help you capitalize on the back-to-school season, Cerdá has put together recommendations and real-life advertising and marketing ideas for your store that can help to boom your sales.


Back to School campaign, what products are your customers searching for?


Back to School marketing campaigns won't be helpful if you're selling the wrong products. Therefore, before creating your campaigns, be sure to find out what products to highlight in your store and what collateral items. This can be done in two main ways. 

First, take a look at your historical data or last year's stats during the back-to-school season. What did people end up buying? What things were popular during last year's back-to-school season? You can usually find this data using your retail management system or POS system.

As you might expect, searches for notebooks, pens, stationery, backpacks, and school supplies are on the rise. But today's parents and students - are also looking for something more advanced and trendy. Back to school is also a great seasonal moment for fashion retailers as students strive to update their wardrobes.


back to school promotion


Pro Tip: You can add licensed products and children's favorite characters products such as Spiderman, Harry Potter, Disney, Mickey, Minnie, and more in your inventory. We are sure you little buyers wonder how to have fun with a favorite character in this back-to-school season. 


Back to school promotion ideas for your store


Back to School is one of the great times to promote your business: According to a study by the National Retail Federation, spending on back-to-school products is on the rise, making it one of the great shopping holidays of the year. People are wondering about new trends and exciting things to make it memorable for their kids. Cerdá always offers unique ways to grow your business. Try these ideas for your store promotions for retailers and other businesses.

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Push your sales by demonstrating how your products fit into people's school lives

So, you have added trendy and beautiful products to your inventory for school life shoppers. That's great, but how are you going to get customers to buy? If your answer is to simply put products on a rack or shelf, then you won't stand out from the crowd of vendors doing the same.

Rather than just displaying products for sale, showcase your products and promote your products on social media, run campaigns, involve some influencers so your products can grab the attention of school product buyers. A great way to do this is to point out how people can use your products in school. If you sell, say, pens and notepads consider putting a desk in your store and displaying these items along with other school supplies. If you sell furniture, why not showcase your products in your dorm room? If you can't build an actual dining showcase or dorm room in a store, take pictures of your wares while still in school.

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Make your back-to-school marketing campaign  more relevant to the hottest trends


What is crazy about children (or even parents) these days? Think about the latest trends or developments that your customers are excited about and incorporate them into your back-to-school marketing. For example, these days, people love to have superhero products and are attracted to products that entertain them with some superhero characters. Another way to get an idea of a product is to look at the trends in your market. Google has free trending tools that can help you with this. Go to and research trends in your niche or area. You can also enter specific brands or products to see search trends over time.

You can stay relevant to people's interests and update your campaign accordingly. Take advantage of social media trends and influencer collaborations.


Make back to school campaigns more engaging by getting children involved

Back to School is all about kids, so it makes sense to involve them in what you are doing this season. It can be as simple as asking kids and teens what they want to buy in the coming back-to-school season, or if you're serious about getting kids involved, why not ask them for help with your campaigns.


Create Buzz by Giveaways 

Giving gifts can be an effective way to create excitement and buzz around the school to back season. If you have the time and funds to do this, consider running a giveaway that you can promote in-store and on social media. You can use the contest to get hype and PR or even gather information about people (especially if you use coupon codes, raffle tickets, or online forms).


Reach more buyers with digital marketing in your back to school promotion

Buyers are increasingly using online channels to shop back to school, especially in the Covid-19 pandemic era. Create a unique banner advertising your Back to School campaign. And if you succeed, create a Back to School section on your website so that you have dedicated space for all of the items you go to school.

These are a couple of Back to school promotion ideas for your store. Cerdá always brings new ways to grow your business; apply these tips to get more leads, hence more sales.

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Products and Novelties Tips and Advice back to school


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