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12 techniques to increase the conversion rate of your website

8 April 2021 / per Cerdá Group

 Any active website seeks, as one of its main objectives, to increase the conversion rate.


This means that the users who visit the website are carrying out the actions that we have defined based on the objectives set, be it increasing the number of sales, getting more subscriptions, downloads, leads ...

To achieve this you have to be able to persuade the visitor, understanding what their behavior is, what they are looking for and earning their trust. And use the most precise, simple and fast techniques that we have at our disposal.

Next, we explain 12 techniques that you can apply to your website so that your conversion increases considerably.

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1. Call to action


Calls to action, or Call to Action, are one of the main tools that you must put into practice to increase the conversion rate of your website. They are, without a doubt, a basic and essential element, and must contain a short, easy-to-understand, convincing and direct message that invites the user to carry out the action you are asking for.

In addition, they should be prominently displayed on the page, easy and quick to see and feature an eye-catching design.


2. Landing Page


Once you have gotten the user to respond to the Call to Action, the landing page is the page that the user will go to when they click on it. Therefore, they must be thought and designed so that it is very easy and fast to act.

They must be intuitive and simple, eliminating any element, such as menus or widgets, that could divert attention from the final objective we have.


3. Build trust


A transparent website brings a lot of trust to users. Therefore, make sure to always keep your company's contact, privacy and customer service information visible.

It includes "About Us" sections, and makes your customers' opinions easy to find and read for other visitors.

Also, add videos and make sure that the headlines you are using correspond to the offer you are developing.


4. Trust your users


Customers, in the end, are the ones who hold the key to our success. So take advantage of your predisposition to know where you can improve. Conduct surveys with users and non-users and thus you will get all the information you are looking for. 

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5. Quality copies


Videos help increase the conversion rate significantly, but in the end, the accompanying text will make a difference. Since through it, we will be able to encourage the user to carry out the action we want. Precisely for this reason, they must be worked with great care, posing them with care and directed towards the final objective.

They should be short, direct, and easy to understand. Including action verbs such as download, purchase…


6. Convey urgency


Another great technique that helps improve web conversion, and is widely used especially in e-commerce, is to generate a sense of urgency in the user. In this way, they will decide to buy more quickly. You can do it through offers or promotions with an expiration date, but also by expanding the value of the content, for example, if it is about downloads.

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7. Simplicity of the forms


To increase the conversion rate of a website, the user must go through a form. So the definition and approach of these must be taken care of in detail and plan well how to generate them.

It is through them that we obtain user data, and we cannot forget that there are still many people who are reluctant to provide it over the internet. Therefore, the content of the forms should be short and simple. And that provides the key information that we need to know about each visitor.

You do not need to know absolutely everything, the lower the field number the better, so think carefully if you want the phone, the mail, the province, the profession ...

And eliminate those fields that don't really give you any kind of value.


8. Include Pop Ups with caution!


Pop Ups are a resource to use, but as long as they are not abused. With the measure, they will help us to achieve the conversion goals that we have set.

Pop Ups are prominent elements that appear on the visitors' screen during their time of browsing our website.

They can include some of the resources that we have explained previously, such as Call to Action, the link to the form and messages of thanks. Therefore, they attract the attention of the visitor quickly and effectively. But if we abuse them we will only achieve the opposite effect. Saturating the user and reducing credibility and trust in our website.


9. Focus on "user friendly"


All the processes that users must carry out on your website must be intuitive, easy to use and fast.

So make the most of all the steps they need to take so that your satisfaction and your shopping experience are positive.


10.Optimize the purchase process


Provides all the information regarding prices, shipments, return policy, customer service...

It also offers different alternatives in payment methods. And make sure that the ones you propose are common, known and safe for your customers.

At Cerdá we care about offering our clients the greatest comfort when making their payments.Discover more information about  in: New payment gateway at Cerdá’s web. discover all the advantages!

11. Help chat


The shopping experience has become an essential factor in satisfying customers. And, throughout the process, they are likely to have doubts or questions that they need to resolve in order to convert their purchase intention into a sale. Therefore, try to implement a support chat in which they can see their doubts resolved immediately.


12. Quality images


Finally, another essential tool to increase the conversion rate of your website is to use quality images and videos.

The photos must be cared for, worked and be of high quality.

Now that you know which are the 12 most feasible techniques to increase the conversion rate, apply them to your website and achieve the objectives that you have set for yourself. Success awaits you!!


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