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Back to school season: discover our new products

19 January 2020 / per Cerdá Group

It is the perfect season to have back to school products in your stores because parents will seek to release the accessories they need, as well as backpacks, pencil cases, and notebooks. Cerdá Group has the licensed products for the return to classes, and if you do a cross-selling, that will make you win loyal buyers in your store.


School products

Nowadays the important thing is to satisfy the client's needs and avoid making compulsive purchases. Now that you know that classes are going to start, having quality school products and your advice for cross-selling should be your priority at this beginning of the year. With this, your customers will get discounts and the perfect set for their children. For your stores we bring:


The variety is large, dynamic, original, and with different sizes for all ages. For the little ones, the stuffed backpacks are the highlights because their texture is soft, and they have a 3D effect in which Stitch's ears, Spiderman's legs, or Elsa's braid stand out, being more than a backpack, the companion of the children. In addition to 100% polyester sakky bags for those in the nursery.

We have backpacks with EVA material in front where you can see your favorite characters or a trolley backpack for those children who prefer to have fun on wheels. And for the most extravagant, in the premium segment the designs are made with sequins in the case of girls with the image of Elsa, Unicorn Poopsie, Lol Surprise, Peppa Pig, among others, and in metallic material for the boys of their superheroes favorites, Mickey, Minions, and Star Wars.


CERDÁ_Image_blog_post 730x300 (22)


Others like the comic or print style, so the fullprint backpacks were not left out of the plans, meet your customers, and add them to your store, they will love them. However, not everything is classes, you can include in your inventory free time bags because birthdays or trips to the park can occur at any time, so take a look at our collection of sequins with Disney classics, the glitter collection, the Lifestyle Series for the young, teenagers and kidults, and the fashion collection with 3D and metallic details of their favorite superheroes. 


If we think of school bags, we instantly think of the holsters for storing the colors, the eraser, and the pencil sharpener, and we have them to complete the set of school utensils with the best material. Besides, we have bumbags to store personal items or for everyday use on walks with children.


 Girls from small ages want to feel super fashion and giving them a shoulder bag to complete their outfit is ideal for making them feel that way. There are circular designs that are more elegant and squares that are for everyday use.


CERDÁ_Image_blog_post 730x300 (23)

The start of classes involves being in a second home, and the little ones have to send them refreshment, it would be great to propose the combination of an aluminum bottle with the bag of the same character, but in the cases that are required to send them snack, we have the Lunch bag set with its plastic tupper and its bottle.


The best in stationery

Notebooks: The typical style is the worm notebook with an elastic band and a front and back print. It also has 60 pages. His images are original and suitable for all ages. Here are three collections that stand out, one of Disney with pictures of the villain Ursula, Stitch, the magic carpet of Aladdin, Dumbo and Simba, and another of classics with the famous Mickey and Minnie Mouse mice, while the third is dedicated to Harry Potter.

Another type of notebook is that of 96-128 pages of leatherette with a licensed icon. It has several designs, from the most straightforward style with printing on both sides of the notebook, a premium style with metal application to ones with reversible sequins or hairs.


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Pens and filled pencil case : Young people like to collect pens with designs or use them; they are one of the most important objects for starting classes. Here we have a set of licensed pens that you can include in the inventory and would combine with the backpack and notebook that your customers choose.

Sticky notes: High school is the most active stage of young people, in which they use highlighters and separators to point out important things. We assure you that classes could be more fun with their cartoons. The set we offer you brings three designs of 100-note sticky notes of Harry Potter, Minnie and Mickey. 


Cerdá Group has also some sets of utensils in which we have a combo of notebooks, stickers, and dividers which are a good recommendation as with these sales, you can take advantage of selling your children's clothing licensed; you will only have to guide your customers to make the perfect purchase and not because they just like a product. 


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Products and Novelties back to school


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