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Know our new seasonal products and increaes your sales!

14 January 2020 / per Cerdá Group

We will talk about the new seasonal products of Cerdá Group, which are the perfect times to have them in Stock, and how you can increase your sales with these products for the different times of the year.

Back to School

Let's start with the selection of exclusive products for a new school year. The back to school season is most famous for all retailers because they know they can take stock of school products, and be sure to be many more sales. Still, you have to be careful with the prices and the amount of inventory because this can generate economic troubles.

Cerdá Group has products for all ages, from kindergarten children to young people who attend college and still love superhero designs. Backpacks to go to school or university every day with incredible designs for all ages: Harry Potter, The Avengers, Spiderman, Minnie and Mickey are some of the famous characters that you can choose. Kindergarten clothing, and coolers are the main products of this season.

You can also find all the complements to start school season: Filled pencil case, multifuncional case or kindergarten clothing




Summer is the most desired season for children and adults because it is like sun, camping, beach, fun, and free time. The summer market is quite extensive and very competitive for many retailers. Still, if your store has a stock with a wide variety of items, competition will not be a problem. The best products that Cerdá Group has:  Cap, towel, ponchoPajama and Gown. 

Cerdá Group also offers a wide range of summer clothing. Perfect for a beach day! You can find flip Flops, clogs, sandals, aqua Shoes and swimwear. Discover all our products always with the favorite designs of your clients. 


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It is the coldest season of the year, but it is the season that has more fashions and trends among adults and children. The most significant advantage of having a Stock of products for Winter is that they not only serve for that season but, for the whole year. You should be careful when you buy large Stock for Winter because you can get to have products on the shelf for a long time, only if you do not investigate thoroughly about Winter and the weather in the coming months.

As always, Cerdá Group offers the best products for the need of winter shopping. They have casual backpacks, umbrellas, boots, sporty shoes and many more products that only in winter you may need.


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Daily use Products

Seasonal products are essential to increase sales in some seasons, but often they are only profitable for seasons and not all year. We recommend that you always place the products of daily use with some seasonal products to get the attention of the customer and make a safe sale. Cerdá Group has thought of everything, and also brings a collection of Daily use products.

Cerdá knows your needs and offers you no seasonal products that you can sale during the whole year. With our Lifestyle collection your customers will be able to find the products they like best to always go in fashion and show off their favorite characters.


Cerdá Group knows the product’s demand in every season of the year and offer the best product for your store. Do not hesitate and discover all our products for the whole year. 


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Products and Novelties


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