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New collection lifestyle by me: customize your favorite  accessories

21 January 2020 / per Cerdá Group

What is our new segment about?

Lifestyle By Me is a segment where you can design the perfect combinations of your favorite characters to customize your favorite accessories. Your can create the designs  that best suits your personality, your tastes, and even your work while we take care of meeting your expectations and meeting your needs because here, the important thing is you.

Backpacks are the most practical and necessary daily utensils in the life of each person. You can save your work folders, your laptop, your keys and wallet, whatever you can think of. Also, it is multifunctional, who said that a backpack is only for children who start classes? With it you can travel, go to the pool, to the gym and even use it to go to work, everything is the personality you want to give it and the need you have for this complement.

The main design is generic, but with the best material as always. The back is ergonomic and padded to avoid discomfort in your back, and its fabric is 100% polyester. It also has two metal fittings to place a key ring or detail of your preference that we also have for you, and its typical compartments for your everyday accessories. 


Items to decorate your backpack

Patches: This accessory brings your classics in 90% polyester fabric, such as Mickey, Minnie, Captain America, Harry Potter, Batman, among others. We are sure that it will be challenging to choose one because you are never too old to continue enjoying things as children, or as the Baloo Bear of the Jungle Book would like it, to remember the feeling of being a child, feeling carefree.

Pines: Cerdá group knows that Disney, Star Wars, and Marvel have your favorite characters, and that's why we have for you metal pins with a 3D relief and paint with them. Surely Star Wars will be the sensation after the successful premiere of the last film.

Brooches: The characters of the dark side stand out in these accessories, and with them, the classics with a more retro style.

The great thing about these accessories is that they are not only for children, but they give you a fun eighties style that is also in fashion for this year 2020, as well as vintage which fits also for adults. Although this style predominates in millennials, it has become viral for young people and kidults. 


Your favorite characters are here

Disney, superheroes, villains, and the magic were part of you and the best experiences of your life when there were no worries, your childhood. Having them as part of your decoration is emanating your personality. Just like you, many will love them, and you will make a difference. What we like most about this is that the accessories we have for you can vary, that is, you can collect all that you like and use them whenever you want, so your backpack will never go out of style.

Mickey, Minnie, Simba,, the witch of Snow White, the Joker, Batman, Captain America, Iron-man, Thor, Spiderman, Darth Vader, the Stormtrooper and many other characters wait for you and in different materials that go according to your preference, fabric, metal or acrylic.

Do not forget to visit the Cerdá Group platform and download our LifeStyle By Me catalog because we always bring many novelties that will interest you, and who knows, you may want to add something new in your personal design. For us, there are no limits to innovate products that make you happy.

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Products and Novelties


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