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22 April 2020 / per Cerdá Group

It is the perfect time to get hats, boots or rain coats for childrens and best of all is the protagonist in these clothes, Batman, the hero loved by children and adults.


Why does everyone love Batman?

He is the favorite of many for being one of the few heroes who were not born with superpowers, but creates his own technology to carry out justice. He has a great trajectory, and accordingly, many hearts won. Generations and generations grew up and reached adulthood with this character as an icon of their childhood. 

Batman belongs in the memory of their best moments. He will always be unforgettable and loved by all ages because there are still children who grow up next to him to repeat the story of their parents.


Have you seen our new Batman products yet?

For kids, we have Batman licensed products in winter accessories to protect them from this season's upcoming rains and colds. They will feel powerful and unthinkable in any adversity because if the heroes promote anything, it is the self-esteem. Among the new products for them we have:



Caps are great for kids in the summer, but during the cold season, the ears freeze, and hats are the best option to protect them. We bring two models, one size with a ratio of 21 x 21 cm (52-54 cm), and made of 100% acrylic material. One has a minimalist design with the bat hero logo on a gray background and a pompom on the tip while the other has gray and black tones, and the Batman mask logo on a background of black bats that simulate the shape of the Bat Call.



One of the most important accessories is this because it keeps the neck and respiratory area of ​​the face warm. This snood are made of 100% polyester and has a design that stands out for having the shape of the Bat Call in vibrant colors such as yellow, blue, and red on a background of gray and black tones.


People say that in winter, the more clothes you wear, the more protected you will be from not getting sick. So we bring this 100% polyester sweatshirt for young people between 8 and 14 years old. The colors on the outside of the sweater represent the shadowy DC character; yellow, black, and gray. However, inside it is entirely yellow, and best of all, its material feels super soft.

For adults, the simple is more striking and the sweatshirt is special because it has the logo of the 80th.


CERDÁ_Image_blog_post 730x300 (3)-10


For us, there are two moods in the smallest, the active and the sleepy one that wants to be at home all day. From size 28 to 35 we have a sports shoe that can be enjoyed on any occasion and has a rather childish design because despite the somber tones of the character, yellow and electric blue stand out on this occasion.

From size 26 to 33, we have a 100% polyester house slipper boots that simulate the body figure of the hero. The child will feel that he has strong and powerful feet if mom and dad make him believe in it; It is an efficient way to teach them the importance of not being barefoot at home, do not you think?

And do not think that we forget the adult Batman fans, they also have a house in which they rest, right? These polyester and TPR sneakers are unmissable for them because the 80th is also present here.


Some licensed Batman complements


In the case of adults, there is no perfect time to use them; they just always are. Adults make a simple outfit look cool with caps, and that's why we have the best Batman’s caps design in our stock. Put them in your store!


CERDÁ_Image_blog_post 730x300 (2)-15



This novelty is mainly directed for those women who are not afraid to say that they love superheroes. That is why we have Batman’s purses,  100% PU, black with geometric folds, gold details on the logo and closure to give it a delicate touch.


Brooches, pins and patches

Yes, the retro theme in Kidults is back, and it seems that it will not go very easily. Everything about customizing hats, jackets, and shirts has become a routine, and Batman wants to be part of it. Found the best complements to customize all your favorite accessories with our brooches, pins and patches of your favorite character. 

At Cerdá we are Batman fans and that’s why we know the importance of this products for a Batman Lover. Do not miss all this incredible licensed products and fill your stock with them. Your clients will love them!


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