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Tips on how to face the coronavirus crisis in your business

15 April 2020 / per Cerdá Group

What is Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is a family of viruses that generally affect animals and some of them, to the people. This disease causes problems in the respiratory tract, appearing as a common flu. The first time this disease was heard was in China in 2002. However, the situation was controlled at that time.

Currently, a mutation of the virus at the end of December 2019 in Wuhan, China, is named as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) but its popular name internationally, is COVID-19. It has caused alarm worldwide because the symptoms appear between 5-14 days after being infected. That is to say, it is not known the illness until after about two weeks, and during that time, we can infect others. As a consequence, the capacity of medical attention is uncontrollably because of the large number of patients.

Given this major health crisis and its far-reaching scope, it is time to grit your teeth and look for solutions to keep our small business moving forward in the best possible way. Harnessing the spirit of struggle that characterizes us, the desire to stay afloat and, of course, all the imagination we have. We must not forget that this crisis is temporary, and that we will overcome it together.

From Cerdá we want to give you some tips so that your business can go ahead and deal with this crisis that affects us all. 


Organizational changes that can be made


Streamlining towards digitization

Teleworking option is the most intelligent and necessary measure for those activities that do not require physical presence in the usual workplace to perform them. 

Therefore, all those businesses  who can carry out their work from home, transcribing orders online, passing those made by telephone to the warehouses, thus also giving advice and solutions to customers ... will continue to carry out their work and maintain the satisfaction of public. 


Information is the key 

Developing a contingency plan is a key factor for your business day a day to face the coronavirus.  You always have to be afoot in front of a possible crisis. In addition,  you must be careful and give updated information to you employees and your managers to make sure they are making the best decisions and carrying out the best measure to fight this crisis. 


Reach agreements 

It is also important to reach different agreements between the boss and the workers about measures will be taken in different situations and how to implement them in their day a day. This includes taking into account the needs of the worker, the schedule, and supplies to fulfill the day. 


Tips for working as normally as possible

It is difficult to act or feel that you live as we usually did four months ago. However, in order not to feel fatigued with the reality of this pandemic, we only have to:

  • Add new habits in our routine such as the preventive measures.
  • Organize the time to do our home, work, and hobbies activities with ease. It will reduce the anxiety that brings the news and the quarantine status.
  • Avoid exposure to the outside and the use of public transport.
  • Include physical activity in our habits to strengthen the immune system.


Online sales in time of COVID 19

There is no risk of infection 0. But when we talk about selling online, by phone or by mail, this is very low. Scientific studies have shown that the virus, if it has not entered a living organism, dies within a few hours and in elements such as plastic or aluminum, this is the maximum survival period for COVID-19.

Therefore, online sales is a very effective system to reach all our customers and reduce the risks of contagion between the company, distributors and customers.

Of course, always taking the maximum precautions so that deliveries are made respecting all the measures indicated by the different official bodies. If we promote our non-contact sales, we will be able to continue serving our clients and thus avoid reducing or canceling our invoicing.

The efforts that we have made over the years to raise our company, the care, the hours spent, the headaches ... all this cannot be forgotten or suddenly erased. Nothing has been in vain. At Cerdá we want to show you how your e-commerce can survive to this health crisis. Digitalization and online sales are the key.


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