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How to use influencer marketing in your e-commerce

27 April 2020 / per Cerdá Group

 Here we will show you one of the strategies that have made e-commerce successful and that you must try at least once to strengthen your brand.


What is an influencer?

He is a popular person through some social network that has complete or partial knowledge about a specific topic. For this reason and his personality, he gains a group of loyal followers. These people are capable of influencing others and sowing a thought or belief to their followers regarding something. People trust in the influencer´s judgment they like.


Importance of influencer marketing for an e-commerce

As we mentioned above, these people gain trust from a community because of their knowledge. Still, we must highlight that the most important thing is that they are also known for giving honest reviews regarding a product or service. That is, they are an excellent target to publicize what your e-commerce offers. As a consequence, you will be able to get closer to your audience. 


Pros of using influencer marketing 

  • Provide confidence to the consumers regarding your product or service.
  • Many use sponsors in social networks, and it means that the advertising reaches many people of interest.
  • Give recognition to your brand once they mention it or make it public on other social media.
  • The information provided is authentic and creative.
  • Consumers are closer to the product.


Cons of using influencer marketing

  • If people do not see the influencer using what you offer, over time, they may lose credibility in your brand.
  • Not all influencers ensure exclusivity with your brand.
  • Sponsorship is usually expensive.
  • You can lose followers if they do a negative review.

How to use this type of marketing?

The first thing to do is find an influencer who has an audience of your interest. For example, in the case of the Cerdá Group, a company of licensed products aimed at children and millennial audiences should select someone whose themes are about Disney movies because there will be many fans of the brand or someone whose content themes are children's and products form them such as mums. It could also be someone who talks about geek things to capture those kidults or young fans of retro style, among other similar topics that capture the attention of people over 20 with children or singles. 

If your e-commerce is about licensed products like ours, adding this marketing would be a great idea to get closer to your audience, gain commitment, generate sales, and strengthen your brand. However, it is ideal not to forget the use of traditional strategies.

Your influencer could be someone who use a channel of Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, among others. You must to be sure if your target audience uses the platform of your selection. If you get the essential influencer to carry out the advertising we suggest you to do it through a collaboration in which they do:


  • Review

It is the most common, where the influencer talks about the product to the audience. Usually, the company offers the product for free to them to try.

  • Promo Codes 

They encourage consumers to buy your product with the promo code of them. In this way, you gain new followers and generate more sales. With this collaboration, you can check if the strategy with the selected influencer is working.

  • Giveaways

Many will be encouraged to participate to win the product that their influencer is "giving away", and according to the instructions they place in their description, that people must follow their account and the official account of the product, generating a win-win.

  • Announcements

It is the most expensive option. You use the influencer to promote your product through an ad.


Influencer marketing is a great idea to start making noise in social media and start winning new clients and creating a community that know your brand and that is loyal to it. In Cerdá we know the importance of this and thats why, we want to give you tips to implant influencer marketing in your e-commerce. 


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