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4 benefits of product licensing

12 January 2020 / per Cerdá Group

To make products using great character designs or popular brand designs, you must request permission from the brand owners. This permission to use intellectual property is called licensing. In this article we will talk about four advantages of licensing, and because your business should always be aware of the trends of its target audience.


Increase sales

A famous image, logo, or design can make the difference from having any monthly sales to having thousands of sales in one day; you only have to know what the current trends are and take advantage of them. If a Wholesaler also manufactures its own products, it is much easier to increase sales, because all products can have popular designs with the licenses that have the most impact on the target audience. The models that different audiences look for are:

  • Superheros
  • Superhero logos, star wars, Harry Potter, and many famous movies.
  • Entertainment chains like Disney or Nick.
  • We must also add more serious designs for Kidults or young people who like animations and that are becoming increasingly important in licensing.


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Increase customers

To explain this advantage, we will use an example: “A company that makes bags for all types of ages decides to request product licensing to manufacture bags with designs of several Disney characters. The usual customers of their bags were all the stores of bags or products for school, however, the stores that sell toys for children and products of films, also wanted to buy bags with designs for children ”.

In other words, adding different designs on the same products can increase the number of regular customers to increase sales, and ultimately improve market positioning.


Improve e-commerce traffic

All producers, wholesalers, and retailers should have an e-commerce to be different from the competition, implement more Marketing tools, and use SEO to position themselves for some keywords on the web. If an e-commerce offers only one product, it will be much harder to have good traffic on the Web. 

Still, if you provide a product with many designs, all users interested in products with popular designs can find e-commerce much faster and will have more traffic.

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Keeps products updated

We are talking about products with character designs from movies or series. It means that every day you have to analyze:

• The most wanted characters

• Next releases

• Current trends among children, youth and adults

• What are the movies and series that have had more sales in recent days.

• Which video games have been the most played in the month.

• Which brands are the most searched on the internet.

If a wholesaler stays informed every day, it will be much easier to know all the products that the consumer wants, and what are the designs that can have an increase in their demand.


Your all ready have a wide variety of designs and products? Do not miss which are the most effective cross selling techniques in retail licensed products. Grow your business with Cerdá, the company that offers you the best licensed products for all ages and tastes. 


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