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Retail selling tips for your store

7 January 2020 / per Cerdá Group

Many stores broke because they do not know the best tips to improve sales; this is why we will talk about the best tips for your store to be more effective.

The importance of merchandising

Merchandising plays an important role for retailers because many techniques aim to stimulate the need and capture the attention of customers to buy products. The main methods to have improvements in sales, and apply merchandising strategy are:

  •       Manage the store space: if there is a wrong organization in the store, people may feel uncomfortable and will not go back to your store. If you efficiently manage the space, you can expand the store much more and bring balance between the showcases and people.
  •       Study the market: this technique allows us to know in detail the information about the target audience. If you know all the customer information, you can use it to create a strong connection between the store and the customer.
  •       Manage a variety of products: the most important thing for this technique is not the number of products you can offer, but the range of products that you can provide to customers. If your store has several products from the same market sector, you can meet different demands and generate more sales.
  •       Improve the appearance of the store: A store is not only a place to locate products and sell them, but it is a place to attract customers and make them feel comfortable. The appearance of a store is essential to make it as attractive as possible, attract attention, and generate sales.

This strategy is recommended to retailers by many successful companies such as Cerdá Group because they care about the economic stability of their businesses.


Improve the showcase

A store can get many new customers if it makes an excellent first impression on a customer. The appearance of the store, marketing, and promotions are essential, but the order and creativity of showcases are the first thing that must be improved because there the products that customers want to buy. Cerdá Group has different tips for showcases of a retailer, which are:

  •       Showcase of discounts: sales, offers, and promotions are ideal for generating sales, but if customers do not see the advertisements, there will be no sales. We recommend that all promotions be in the same showcase and that it must be close to the store entrance.
  •       Price showcase: the prices of each product must be visible in the showcase because it allows the customer to walk around the entire store without any question. It also allows customers to make price comparisons and buy much faster.
  •       Creative showcase: it is essential to be creative so that people recognize your store among all that are in the area, so an original exhibition can be very useful not to bore the customer, and attract more people.


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In Cerdá Group  we have implemented all this incredible tips to make sure our business grow and still attractive to our customers. Your strategy is important for your business and will help you increase sales. Do not miss this opportunity of facing the 2020’s industry challenges thanks to your store strategy!


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