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The best techniques to attract more customers to your business

13 August 2022 / per Cerdá Group

how to attract more customers

Sales are the central axis around which our store revolves. Without sales there is no income and therefore no business. However, we need customers for sales. But how can we attract customers to a business?

5 unfailing techniques to attract customers to your business

With the advent of internet and digital marketing, there are many economic strategies to attract new customers to our store. However, when we think of proximity stores we need offline strategies to help us attract people interested in our products near our business so they can become repeat customers. Therefore, we present you with 5 unfailing techniques to know how to attract customers to your business:


1. Promotions, the most succulent attraction technique

If there's one thing that massively attracts customers, it's promotions. The famous 2x1 or 3x2 of the big hypermarket chains are not incompatible with small businesses, but are instead an infallible strategy if we promote low-cost products. Surely we will not be able to put two Cars backpacks to the price of one due to the little margin of the product but perhaps we can put this promotion in hair accessories.

 how to attract more customers

2. Reward your best customers with loyalty programs

Loyalty programs are the perfect option to make people who come to our store for the first time become recurring customers. Depending on your budget, you can choose from several options:

Stamp card

This technique is often used in services such as restaurants and hairdressers, but can be perfectly adapted to a gift shop by putting a monetary amount. For example, if our client buys more than 20 € we will stamp the card. So, when all the stamps are finished the customer will receive a personalized gift for their little one. Who would prefer to go somewhere else when only you offer them a final surprise?

Special offers

 If you have a database, you can store all the information of new loyalty program customers and use it to offer them personalized offers. Both by email and using their telephone number, you can contact them to offer special promotions or inform them of new products that have arrived in the store.

3. Exclusive discounts for the most loyal

Loyalty must be rewarded. Thanks to loyalty programs you can know who are the customers who come to your store more often and, therefore, help you increase sales. Offering them exclusive discounts, giving them a small gift for their birthday or wishing them a merry Christmas are some of the small gestures that will make them loyal forever.


4. Referral program: bring a friend, and you both win

Referral programs are becoming one of the most prevalent marketing strategies for attracting customers to a business. These programs consist of your own customers recommending you to their friends and family in exchange for an incentive. A simple strategy to achieve this may be to give your customer a discount voucher redeemable by a friend or family member, when he buys in the store your customer will get points that may change in the future for one of your products.


5. Advertising, the best formula to attract customers

Advertising is fundamental when it comes to attracting clients to our business. In recent years, online methods have gained followers, with Facebook and Google Adwords being the most popular methods chosen by stores to increase their sales. However, there are also more traditional methods such as brochures or advertisements in local magazines and newspapers that are the perfect choice if you are looking for proximity impact. What is your preferred option?


How Cerdá helps you to attract more customers

As a license distributor, Cerdá can also help you attract new customers to your business and consequently increase your sales. How? We’ll tell you!


Licensing Advisors

Do you want to be up to date on fashionable animated characters? At Cerdá we have the best information on trends so that you get only the favorite products of your customers. Enter our trend lab and find out what's coming next year (enlace Bloc Licencias TOP John Wholesaler 2019).




Innovation and Quality to attract more customers

At Cerdá we want children to enjoy the small moments of life. That's why we create innovative products to make them feel like their favorite characters. Can you imagine a hat that turns into a mask of their favorite character? A pair of slippers that twinkle at every step? Even an interactive backpack to play with! There are no barriers to creativity!

In short, there are many ways to attract customers to your business quickly. However, having a good stock and a quality product from a distributor like Cerdá will be the icing on the cake to keep your new customer base.


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