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You can't sell what you can't see. Make the most of the space in your shop

17 August 2022 / per Cerdá Group


Space and product management strategies applied at your store have a direct impact on your sales. Knowing how to get the most out of every square metre of your shop is crucial to raise the profitability of your business. At SuperMoments Retail Lab we have experimented with different ways of placing the product to attract customers inside the shop. And not only that! We have made them spend more time in the shop. The more time your customers spends in your store, the higher the chances of a sale by 20-30%.

Get your shop ready

As a retailer, your number one concern is to make the most of the space in your point of sale so that your products stand out and are noticed by your customers.

Backpacks, pyjamas, cuddly toys, shoes? How do you place such different products in your shop so that they attract the attention of your customers? Before we get into the subject, let's see how to get them to enter your shop. Because you can have the most beautiful shop in the world but if you can't get customers in the door it won't do any good.


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Three basic requirements to take into account when setting up your shop window:

  1. Originality is key. Surprise your customers with a fun and unique decoration.
  2. Play with space. Bear in mind that you can set up a shop window at one height, at two heights or even take advantage of the glass to attract the attention of people passing by.
  3. Explosion of colour. The colours or the absence of them are surprising effects. Imagine passing in front of a shop window with thousands of colours that attract your attention. The sense of sight is one of the most persuasive. Make the most of it! But also imagine yourself passing in front of a shop window with no colour, totally white, or black or with a neutral colour. The product in that monochrome space will stand out completely from the rest.


Remember to change the window display from time to time, so that your customers notice changes and want to come back to your shop to discover what's new.

Design the ideal route

Knowing your customer, observing how they move around your shop and which products they like best are some of the key aspects to take into account when developing the customer journey through your shelves.

Did you know that when you enter a shop you naturally tend to start moving in a counter-clockwise direction on the right-hand side? Well, that's just the way it is. Numerous psychological studies indicate this. When we enter a shop, the almost instinctive gesture of entering from the right, whenever is possible, is fulfilled in 90% of the cases.

Get your customers complete the journey into your shop by applying these tips:

  • Attract their attention with products suitable for each space.
  • Adequately illuminate the entire interior to avoid dark areas.
  • Use graphic material to highlight new products, promotions or discounts.
  • Generate flow areas building halls no less than one metre wide.
  • Make your customers feel comfortable and welcome. 
  • Locate the cold zones and hot zones in your point of sale.


How to identify hot and cold spots in your shop?

Knowing which areas of your store are hot or cold spots depend mainly on the behaviour of your customers. See where they spend more time, which areas they visit most, which products they look for and buy most often. It is also very important to identify which areas receive less attention, are hidden or are not visited by the customer.

Once you have observed the behaviour of your customers, it is time to generate your own map of areas to get the most out of the space in your shop when it comes to making the different implementations


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In each of the SuperMoments shops we have developed a lay-out map to place the right products in each of the areas. Because knowing the habits of the customers and their behaviour inside the shop helps you to make the right implementations in the right space and make the most of the promotions and novelties.

Sandra Ruiz, Store and Talent Manager of Supermoments explains some of the most important distribution techniques in this video. Remember to activate the subtitles in YouTube :)

Create your own hot and cold spots map

Follow these steps if you also want to make the most of the space in your shop to increase your sales.

  • Make a map of your shop as if you were looking from the top. 
  • Place the entrance and the counter on the plan. Also place architectural elements such as columns, corners or blind spots you can find.
  • Draw the ideal route your customers should take to walk through the entire shop.
  • Mark those areas where customers spend the most time. These are the hot spots.
  • Indicate the areas where there is little convergence. These are the cold areas.
  • Now that you have your map areas, find out which products to put in those zones to make your customers go all the way around so that they spend as much time as possible in your store while you get them to live a unique shopping experience.

Make the most of the hot spots in your store

The entrance, the counter, the space on the right of your shop... these are all hot spots. After you have made your zone map for sure you will have detected more zones. Keep them in mind in order to place the right products in them.

  • New collection. To make it easy for your customers to discover the new collection, we invite you to set up a display in one of the hot zones. 
  • Seasonal products. During the rainy season, place umbrellas or wellies in these hot areas. These products can generate that attraction so that the customer who passes through the door, enters and discovers your shop.
  • Promotions. Highly profitable or promotional products are ideal to place in areas where many customers will pass by.
    Articles in high demand. If it is the summer season, place bathing articles such as flip-flops, sunglasses, caps, swimming costumes... in this area.

Also remember that apart from the products, it is also interesting to take into account the most popular characters to place articles of that character in the hot areas.

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Cold areas, boost them with these tips

In the less frequented areas or those furthest away from the entrance, it is essential to place products that you know work to bring customers who have entered your shop there. You have to "cool" these areas by taking into account these three tips:

  1. Illuminate these areas so that they are noticeable.
  2. Use graphic support to highlight those products, collections or novelties that are there.
  3. Combine different articles of a fashionable character to increase the average ticket.

Example of Mickey & Minnie's implementation in cold zone


Combine different items to promote cross-selling.


Implement fashionable characters in those areas with little traffic.


You can't sell what you can't see

This is a maxim in the retail world. That's why at SuperMoments we share with you examples of implementations so that you only have to replicate them in your shop. Without complications. We have already done all the tests for you to offer you examples that we know they work.

And to prove it, this graph. During the past year we have been applying these distribution techniques and we have seen how the ratio of sales/space in the shop is distributed equally in the hot area, such as the entrance of the shop, as well as in the middle and back areas. This evinces the success of these distribution techniques that we have shared with you.


You now have all the information you need to make the most of the hot areas of your point of sale and techniques to reinforce the cold areas. Get to work and you'll soon see the results!

Discover SuperMoments Retail Lab

Do you want us to help you implement it? With SuperMoments Retail Lab you have at your disposal the communication and promotional materials so that your customers can identify the products, discover the offers and recognise the qualities and characteristics of the star products for your store.

And also remember that if you are a Cerdá customer, you have at your disposal all the graphics, references of the products we use in our implementations and other resources and tools so that you can optimise your point of sale by accessing your customer area.

Customer's area!  

Contact our SuperMoments Retail Lab team, we will be happy to help you with your next implementation.


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