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Pyjamas for the whole family: feeling like a team!

9 August 2022 / per Cerdá Group

Those bonds that are created between the different members of a family, those unique moments that make us who we are and that accompany us throughout our lives and that wonderful complicity between one another, are priceless.

Life is there to be enjoyed, to be savored and to be shared. And with whom better than with the people we love most in the world, who give us everything and who are capable of erasing a bad moment with just a hug?

Family is the perfect team with which to face every bump in the road and, of course, with which to laugh, feel and live to the fullest.

n recent years, the fantastic trend of dressing the whole family alike has been on the rise. From the little ones to the adults, including the new furry members who are our pets.

At Cerdá, as wholesale clothing distributors, we know how important it is for your business to include different products of this type for your customers.

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So here's a must-have product for your stock: pyjamas for the whole family!

Go for it! Read on and discover a whole new world with which you can increase your profits.

The fun of a good sleepover

When we are children we look forward to a sleepover with our friends. Because, although nobody explains it to us, we know that its meaning is, quite simply, fun, friendship, trust and play.

Funny pyjamas are everyone's favorite. The more originality and creativity, the more laughter and joy.

But what if instead of having to wait long months for a sleepover, we could have one every night? And what would it mean to be able to do so without having to be a child?

There is where the secret lies, where the key to the mystery lies and where, as a business, you will succeed without a doubt.

Matching pyjamas for the whole family is the perfect excuse for parents to still be able to enjoy their sleepovers, but now, as adults, with the most important people in their lives: their children.

For the children, it is simply a dream come true. Parents sharing with them their time, their illusions, their games and their way of dressing!

Cerdá pyjamas are beautiful, fun, creative and of great quality. And, in addition, with the family's favourite characters!


Mickey / Minnie Mouse pyjamas: a modern classic

If there are two animated characters that are unforgettable and never go out of fashion, they are Minnie and Mickey Mouse.

The cute little mice came to stay in our hearts and pass from generation to generation to delight all families.

Therefore, it is essential that you include in your stock funny family pyjamas of these characters. Because with them you will increase the satisfaction of your customers and, without a doubt, you will be able to attract more customers and gain the loyalty of the ones you already have.

In our catalogue you can find a wide variety of different models, with all the most fashionable characters, to satisfy the needs and expectations of your audience, but with the Mickey/Minnie Mouse model, you will be on the safe side.

These pyjamas are available in different sizes, for big and small. Light grey is the predominant colour in this model, with red piping on the collar, the image of the character in the middle and fun trousers with different images of the chosen character.

¡Let your customers have fun shopping for their favorite pyjamas in your shop!

The Looney Tunes: another must-have classic

The Looney Tunes are back in fashion. And the fact is that the friendly Tweety, the amusing Sylvester and Taz have been able to continue to form part of our lives ever since they appeared on the screen.

Bug Bunny or Daffy Duck are essential in family pyjamas, and that's why Cerdá offers you a nice set to dress all the family members without forgetting any of the great Tunes family.

The predominant color of this model is white, and the trousers of the whole set are matching, with various motifs of the different characters. The distinctive touch is on the top. Each member of the family can wear the same character, or include them all in the family unit!


Harry Potter and his magical pyjamas

There are thousands of Harry Potter fans and their ages are as disparate as there are different characters in the fiction.

On this occasion, at Cerdá, we suggest you to include in your shelves a unique and singular model of pyjamas for the family. With it, everyone will be able to wear the same clothes and play at finding the differences in the rest of the accessories!

Red is the predominant color of the outfit, with white piping on the wrists and collar and the Hogwarts logo on the top.

The trousers, with a white background, feature silhouettes of the animals featured in the films, all finished with red piping at the ankles.

Once again, with this model, originality and quality are the main protagonists.

Variety is the spice of life!

In addition to the models we have explained in the previous sections, you can also add to your stock many other different and creative pyjamas for the whole family.

From the cute and funny Minions to the characters of The Mandalorian, Marvel, Avengers...

But that's not all! In our catalogue you can also select other unique products for the whole family to enjoy, such as the funniest and warmest bathrobes and dressing gowns with your customers' favourite characters.

So don't think twice! Include different pyjamas for the whole family in your stock and give your customers the satisfaction of buying the best products for their family.

Join this new trend and help your audience to experience unforgettable moments as a family and make them the perfect life team!

Also, remember that with the satisfaction of your customers you will increase your profits, attract and retain customers and enjoy increasing the sales of your business. Savour the pleasure of your success!

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