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Big kids! Find out all about adult licensing trends

6 May 2020 / per Cerdá Group

Children's characters have accompanied us throughout our lives, in each era one of fashion, and some who have known, and could, endure over time and be passed down from generation to generation. And yes, with them and thanks to them we were able to enjoy our childhood with a smile on our lips and with the hope of arriving home and seeing our idols on the small screen.

We grew up with them and many have also marked the childhood of our children. They have allowed us to share hours and hours of unforgettable drawings and games. We have a special affection for them, they make us relive unforgettable moments and, somehow, they allow us to continue being those children that we once were and that we still have hidden inside us.

At Cerdá we know how important it is that our customers are satisfied and, for this reason, we have created Lifestyle, a line thought and designed with fashion characters for adults and adults. Because we want to help you retain and attract new customers and make your store the one preferred by everyone. You can not lose this! 



What is Lifestyle?

At Cerdá, as distributors of products with children's licenses, we always look for ways for our clients to expand their business, their public, and thus considerably increase their profits.

In recent years, the taste of adolescents and adults has grown significantly, for wearing the most beloved children's characters in their clothing or accessories, so we have created this new line where we can offer you the latest trends in public licenses young and adult.

Classic Disney  characters, such us Harry Potter, mythical music groups... everything that your customers love, now you can offer it to them with Cerdá products. Our designs are minimalist, adapted to the public they are aimed at, and with the idea that, if they want, they can dress just like their own children. Something that, by the way, is very fashionable nowadays.


The characters of yesterday, today and tomorrow

As we have said, there are children's characters that have been able to reach everyone's heart and endure over time. And it is that their timelessness has made them the most loved by all: small, teenagers and, of course, greats.

Donald Duck, for example, is one of the fashionable characters for adults and children. Showing off your image on any garment is fun and suitable for any age. At Cerdá we offer you a wide catalog with different accessories that will make your customers unable to resist buying them. From really fun shoulder bags with the face of the famous Duck, to backpacks or clothes with his image.

Another of the great mythicals, how could it be less, is the brand new Mickey. Both children and adults and adolescents will find it fascinating to be able to buy any accessory that refers to the fantastic Disney mouse at your store. On our website you can find 3D backpacks geared towards a less daring audience but who do not want to give up showing off their favorite characters. As well as key chains, bags or a host of accessories.

It seems incredible that Harry Potter was born on the big screen in 2001, 18 years ago, when many of us were still children. But, the most surprising thing of all is that our children, today young people or teenagers, continue to be almost as fanatical of this saga as we are. Precisely this is what makes both Harry, Hermione, and many others, remain the fashionable characters for adults today.


At Cerdá we offer you new accessories that refer to them, such as hair accessories, that your clients can share with their girls as they are diadems, hair bows or ties. Or, also, poly leather card wallets, the most sophisticated and suitable for any act or situation but without having to leave aside your reference to your most childish side. In red, black, pink ... with or without ties. Creative, fun, different!

But, obviously, we know that the variety is the taste and that each client has his own favorite character. Therefore, we also offer you many other products from the hand of Avengers, Star Wars, Marvel, the Lion King, Minnie, and many more! From high school backpacks for free time, to go to work, to purses, accessories, travel sets, etc...products of all seasons adapted to this age range. 

You can't miss them! Offer your customers everything they like and guarantee the success of your business! Visit our Cerdá website  and find out the latest trends in adult licenses. Filling your store shelves has never been so easy.


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Products and Novelties Licensing


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