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11 May 2020 / per Cerdá Group

The Mandalorian, also known as Star Wars: The Mandalorian, is an American space Western series released on Disney+. 

Fans of the Disney+ series The Mandalorian have a lot to look forward to. While we will not see the debut of Season 2 until the fall, we recently learned that Season 3 is already in development. 

The Mandalorian is certainly one of the newest and most interesting entries into the Star Wars expanded universe. 


The Child merchandising is finally here. 

The child wares of all forms, from pyjamas to Pop Sockets, are finally in the Star Wars fans’ eagerly outreached palms. 

The Child, a character from The Mandalorian, is affectionally known as "Baby Yoda" because of a strong likeness to the legendary Star Wars Jedi master; with whom he shares a strong ability with the Force. 

After the show’s debut in November, “the Child” became a sensation through memes and GIFs, especially one that showed him sipping soup. 

The Child is everywhere. Backpacks, bags, stationery items, caps, clothing and complements, footwear,...In the Cerdá group, we have a varied selection of licensed products with the child” for its fans). Come with us and review some of our best products! 





For school and adventure

Are you bitten by the The child bug like the rest of us? Then, you are going to love the new brand The Mandalorian. When you wear these accessories, it will be as if you are babysitting the world’s favourite baby. These accessories are a must have for any fan of The child. 

Our backpacks for girls and boys 100% polyester are perfect for trips, daytime adventures, or school. Your little one may not be slinging giant textbooks over their shoulders yet, but a toddler backpack is still a must-have accessory. Whether your little Einstein is heading to day-care, preschool or camp, they will need a bag to carry supplies, snacks, artwork and notices (and maybe even a toy or two) 

Wise you will be to carry your essentials around in our bags of The Mandalorian We’re sure you’ll love our 100% cotton tote bags, spacious, trendy and durable to help you carry around everything that matters. 

Check out our trendy purse and handbags selection. Tthey are always extremely handy.  The Child is ready for big adventures across the galaxy! A pop culture sensation that is also known as The Child, the lovable creature featured in Star Wars: The Mandalorian. 

Discover our stationery selection. Fashionable notepads, and cork or leatherette notebooks.


For Anytime and Anywhere

You are in the right place to buy nifty caps and knitted beaniesThe Mandalorian’s "The Child" is everywhere! Find in our store cotton T-shirts and hoodies, pyjamas and socks featuring this adorable, big-eared Star Wars character!  

Once again, Disney has brought a design based on  The Child from the Star Wars Disney+ series The Mandalorian to a pair of shoes: sneakers and slippers 


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You can order a pair of the new The child sneakers and slippers right here in men's or women's sizes.  


Tending Accessories 

Several new The Child accessories are coming from Disney. Are you excited to see more The child merchandising? Cerda Group makes available umbrellas, keychains, pins and patchs here for Jedi masters in the making. 

Star Wars fans can now carry The child themselves with these Mandalorian accessories. The last months have been a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get these products to market quickly. 

Officially known as "The Child", called Baby Yoda by its fans, has stolen our hearts, as well as all its adorable merchandising. 

The child products have been rolled out in March, and some will not come until as late as August. Cerdá still keep working to offer you all the products you are looking for as soon as possible


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Large distribution Products and Novelties Star Wars products Buy wholesale


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