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Top 10 most popular characters in 2020

2 March 2020 / per Cerdá Group

And, yes, fit is the perfect time to seize the opportunity and fill your business with all those products of the top characters of 2020 that your customers are eager to get.

At Cerdá we want to help you know what the trends will be for this year, so keep reading and get ready for success!


Which are the most popular characters for next year


The most popular characters of 2020 are many, and that is, as we have said, the billboards are well loaded with new proposals for fun.

But the 10 best characters of this year, without a doubt, will be the following:


  • The most popular characters of recent years will continue to be a trend this year 2020, sagas like Harry Potter or Frozen do not go out of style for both children and adults. Without forgetting Star Wars, a classic that continues to destroy its new series The Mandalorian. Do not miss all the products!


  •  Disney, following in its wake of turning fantasy into reality, will give life to Mulán in his long-awaited remake. The much-loved Chinese warrior promises not to disappoint the public with her fantastic story of strength, struggle and love. 


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  •  The Black Widow, a fascinating member of the Avengers who left the audience wanting to know more about her. And that, with its appearance on the big screen, will bring the whole saga of The Avengers back to life.


  • For the little ones in the house, LOL dolls will continue to be a favorite without a doubt. Collecting these little dolls and all their accessories will be one of the crazy things of this 2020. Take advantage of the moment and get them!


  • Finally, among the most anticipated characters it is essential to mention the entire cast of Marvel's The Eternal. This new film will appear to blow away all the spectators, since with it we can live fascinating adventures with a new saga of characters that promise to live up to the best superheroes.


What are the drawings that are fashionable


But, following the top 10, this year will also captivate your customers with the products of the most popular characters drawings.

  •  First, everyone's favorite will be Baby Shark. The shark family that has undoubtedly captivated everyone with its catchy melody.
  • Cocomelon has come to stay with us. With their songs and their most contagious rhythms, the smallest of the house will not be able to resist with their most original products.
  • The items that, with total security, will sweep the best sellers, are those that refer to Elsa and the movie Frozen in general. The premiere of its second part, at the end of 2019, captivated young and old again.
  • Minnie y Mickey Mouse. The adorable little mice that never, ever go out of style, are always essential in everyone's life.
  • Spiderman. Another of the great and adored by all, who will continue to fill the fantasy of the little ones.


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So now you know! Get ready to give your customers everything they are looking for and make your business preferred by everyone.

From Cerdá we will provide everything you need to achieve your goals so check our catalog and succeed with the most popular characters for your store!

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