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Disney Beanie for Winter: Guaranteed Success

29 October 2019 / per Cerdá Group

Here, the question arises, what is needed? The answer lies in the requirements of your customers. Let us have a look at what the customer wants


  •     The clothes should be warm as well as stylish. Obviously they would want more than one layers and these multiple clothes can also be used to up the style quotient. So it boils down to this that if it is stylish like a Disney beanie, better.
  •     The clothes should be comfortable and have a nice look and feel.
  •     Usually, you may miss on the stock for socks but remember that this small item can easily draw a lot of sales especially with our  Disney wholesaler catalog.
  •   Quality is always key. Your focus should be on obtaining the product that you feel comfortable in front of your customers to vouch for its quality. While we promise to provide the latest trend styles, you will find our quality unmatched in the industry.


Now, you are all sorted for daily wear. The character-themed products are a lot in demand these days.  Wondering which characters should you bet on. Do not worry because we have come with a rescue plan. As a Disney wholesaler here are some characters that are very popular among people. So wherever it is you need to be, you are all set with the costumes of these popular characters:

Disney costumes

Disney products are all-time favorites of all kinds of customers. Children, as well as adults, Disney beanie offered by Cerdá, will refresh your product line and boost your store appeal. Cerdá winter catalog has a lot to offer in this category. You can be assured that Disney products like Disney beanie never go out of fashion and you can rely on their sales.



No words can describe the craze and fandom for this amazing series. What if you can wear this costume anytime in the year? Be it winters, you are all safe with the characters’ costume because they have the long sleeves which will let you wear anything beneath. You can also wear the Avenger’s hat if you want and enjoy your craze anytime in the winter. Cerdá produces such hats and the stores are free to buy them. No matter if you need to wear the hulk hat or the typical avenger’s hat. Cerdá also has the Captain Marvel hat if you think that is something your customers might love.


Going by the recent trends, you can be sure that having an Avengers product line will increase the footfall in your store. Along with the sales of their own, these products will pull the sale of other products also.

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Star wars costume

Well isn’t the star wars one of the most famous and loved series from Hollywood. Wouldn’t you want your customers to have the options of loving their favorite characters in the winters as well? You can easily provide them the special Star Warshat and also the cute pompom Star Wars hat as well.

Also, the Star Wars costumes are very popular among party-goers. Along with being a winter product you can easily pull this Star Wars costume in Halloween also.

Also, a kid or an adult both can wear these costumes. Well, a kid might look extremely elegant wearing the huntsman costume while an adult ironically will look so cute in the elf one. With our product range, you can prepare your store for all kinds of customers.  


Discover beanies and other winter clothes in our catalog. Only with Cerdá!


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Disney products Products and Novelties Winter


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