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Why choose Cerdá as a supplier of wholesale children's clothing?

13 June 2023 / per Cerdá Group

Are you looking for children's clothing suppliers? In this post we tell you why Cerdá Group is one of the best wholesale clothing suppliers and how licensed products can take your business to the next level. Are you ready for success?

1. Licensed products arrive at your point of sale.
2. News throughout the year
3. Cerdá, much more than products

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1. Licensed products arrive at your point of sale.

Have you ever wondered how to stand out from your competitors and increase your sales? The answer lies in licensed products.  Whether you have a physical shop or even online, licensed products are a sure bet for the success of your business. 

Licensed products are those that have the authorisation and backing of recognised and popular brands such as Disney or Warner Bros. From toys and clothing to accessories, all with the seal of quality and recognition of a renowned brand.

One of the benefits of including these types of products in your point of sale is that they can attract more customers to your business or even reinforce your relationship with your current ones. What little one can't resist a Mickey Mouse t-shirt?

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Its versatility is also something very remarkable. For example, in a physical shop you can create themed rooms or special sections that are able to attract new customers. And if you are looking for clothing suppliers for an online shop, they are sure to be very well received as you can highlight them on your homepage to attract the attention of your customers or create promotions. These products are very popular!

In addition, they are often in high demand and have high customer loyalty. People are willing to pay a little more for a product that gives them the confidence of a brand like Disney.

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2. News throughout the year

And at this point you're probably wondering: "How can I find wholesale children's clothing suppliers?
Look no further! At Cerdá Group we have everything you need. And the fact is that we have new products all year round. We have collections for the Spring/Summer, Back to School and Autumn/Winter seasons, and that's a great tip for your shop!

From T-shirts, swimming costumes, pyjamas, backpacks, accessories... An endless number of references of the most popular characters of the moment: Mickey, Spider-Man, Frozen, Ariel, Stitch  and also the classics that can't be missing in any point of sale: Batman, Avengers...

In addition, our product is multitarget, that is to say, we have products for everyone: for children, adults and even for pets.

3. Cerdá; much more than just products

If at this point you feel that our products are going to be successful in your business, these 3 points will convince you that we are one of the best wholesale clothing suppliers perfect for your business:


We have more than 22,500 m2 of logistic storage so that you have products available all year round. In addition, we have 10,000 references in stock, putting at your disposal all the fashionable characters of the moment and more than 6 large product families.


At Cerdá Group, as well as having a catalogue with a multitude of characters, many classic and trendy and based on what is most in demand each season, we have a service of ideation, design, production and manufacture of licensed products with your ideas.

We tell you more about this service here: Exclusive designs for your point of sale


Our integration service for e-commerce allows you to have all or part of our catalogue on your website, immediately and effortlessly.

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Take advantage of the popularity and recognition of well-known brands to attract more customers, create an attractive environment and increase your sales. Discover the power of Cerdá Group's licensed products and make a difference in your business!

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