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19 June 2023 / per Cerdá Group

Are you interested in including licensed pet products in your business? The new products in our For Fan Pets collection will make a difference in your store! Keep reading this post to find out more.

1. The booming pet industry
2. For Fan Pets
3. The new products you'll want in your shop

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1. The booming pet industry

The pet industry is booming, year after year it is growing like crazy. It moves 75,000 million dollars and is expected to reach 100,000 million in 2023. This sector is growing faster than the human population and in Spain there are already more dogs than children under the age of 15. This rapid growth of the sector is due, in part, to a series of reasons that we will now explain:

  1. Lifestyle changes: People are increasingly choosing to have pets as life companions. Many people live in urban areas, work long hours or have a limited social life, making the companionship of a pet invaluable.
  2. Emotional and health benefits: Pets are proven to provide companionship, emotional support and reduce stress.
  3. Increased awareness of animal welfare: In recent decades, there has been an increased awareness of animal welfare and animal rights.
  4. Innovation in the industry: The pet sector has experienced a great deal of innovation in recent years. New products and services have been developed to meet the needs of pets and their owners.
  5. Social media and digital marketing: Platforms such as Instagram and TikTok have enabled pet owners to share adorable photos and videos, creating greater awareness and visibility for pets. In addition, brands and influencers have taken advantage of this trend, promoting pet-related products and services, which has contributed to their growth.


2. For Fan Pets

Now that you know that the pet sector is booming and why, we want you to get to know our For Fan Pets line, made up of licensed products for pets. Because pets are also FANS LIKE YOU, we have developed harnessesbedsbowscoats of the top characters of the moment; Mickey, Minnie, Stitch, Spider-Man... And many more!

Selling licensed pet products is a great way to monetise your business - have you ever thought of them as the perfect gift for friends and family?

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3. The new products you'll want in your shop

If pets could talk, they would ask for products of their favourite character, and that's why we have developed new designs that pets and owners will love.


3. 1 Avengers

Spiderman, Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man products... 
You know that pets are fans like the humans with whom they share their daily lives, that's why at Cerdá we have developed toys, harnesses, leashes, beds, feeders and many other products to surprise your customers with.

Harry Potter

3. 2 Harry Potter

The magical world of Hogwarts conquers the pets line. As soon as you discover the toys for cats and dogs that will make Harry Potter fans fall in love, you'll want to incorporate them into your business: 
- Dental toy 9 3/4
- Rope teether
- Quidditch cat toy
-Nimbus 2000 dog toy


3. 3 Star Wars

Since the release of the first film in 1977, sales of Star Wars-related products have been an impressive phenomenon that gains fans every year, and pets were not to be left behind.

The Mandalorian, Grogu, Ła Death Star, Storm Troopers... the new collection of pets appeals to rebels and empire supporters alike.

I want to see the new collection!

The new products in our For Fan Pets collection will take your point of sale to the next level, so what are you waiting for to get your hands on them? 😉

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Tips and Advice for fan pets Newsletteren


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