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Children's rain boots wholesale for autumn!

30 July 2019 / per Cerdá Group

Children’s rain boots wholesale for autumn!


There is no feeling that meets having your favorite character etched on your boots as a kid. This joy also passes on to the parents who experience their kid’s joy. Children’s rain boot wholesale is a good way to meet your customer’s satisfaction for this autumn. This is another opportunity to take advantage of the season, and get your store stocked up with wholesale children’s clothes and children’s rain boots wholesale.

autumn boots for kids

Prepare The Autumn Season With New Boots by Cerdá


Yes, kids enjoy the autumn period that coincides with beginning of rain. We know also how important boots are in this period and that is why we at Cerdá, licensed kids clothing distributor have come up with wholesale children clothes and kid’s rain boot for your store. To keep the feet of your customers dry and warm on slushy or rainy days, a rain boot is an essential gear, especially for those who stay in very wet conditions.


 At Cerdá, we make comfortable children’s rain boots wholesale for kids that see them even wanting more. Recently, kid’s rain boot has become more of an “all-round” item. If you asked me what I enjoyed as a kid, I would tell you about the things I knew once I grew up, I wouldn’t be able to do them again. Think of playing in the rain as one of those things. Kids around the world have this in common and you can trust their parents to have them enjoy this moment in the safest way possible.

The boot is an exciting product every kid wants to own. Make this possible for them. Boot has also become a fashion thing. Kids tend to get comfortable in it and wear round the year. This is so because if Mickey is not hanging on their boots, Spiderman is. Cerdá, as a licensed kids clothing distributor tops all other distributor because we afford you the opportunity of cross-selling to your customers. 


Take for example, a parent who walks into your store with the intention of just buying a LOL pair of boot. The kid puts it on, fits perfectly and sights an umbrella, waterproof, children’s hat, gloves and a bag all by LOL from a distance. The kid is now left with which to choose alongside the boot depending on the parent or the deal available for the cross-selling products.

rain gear boots for kids

Why are kid’s rain boots from Cerdá of popular demand?


It is first about quality. Nobody wants to buy a fake product, which is why you should choose Cerdá. Our boots are of maximum quality and durable whilst affordable. We also make top design boot that keeps our customer’s mouth wide open. We always come up with the latest design so as to make your buyers live in the present. The designs constantly lead kid to be connected to their favorite characters. This, we call awakening of illusion.

Cerdá and Disney can help you make your business grow!

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