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Preparing for Mud Season: the best rain gear for kids!

23 July 2019 / per Cerdá Group

Prepare the autumn season with new stock to increase the sales of the business

With rain comes the need for the best rain gear for kids like boots, raincoat, and umbrella. You and your store can take advantage of this and benefit your business. Quickly, we would talk about the autumn kids’ products by Cerdá group and why they are the best.

There are a couple of raincoats and numerous rain boot and umbrella of license characters. 

Disney characters like Poncho Mickey and Poncho Minnie have the most commercial pull on raincoat. This should be capitalized on and should fill up your stock. The license characters that exist for umbrella and boot top this list. Make the umbrella hang from the ceiling of the showcase so as to display it. The characters for umbrella trending include L.O.L Surprise, The Avengers, Spiderman, LadyBug, Paw Patrol and Mickey. The water boots could take a lower position by staying right under the umbrella or even hung with the umbrella. All these would look better in a window with raindrops hanging from the ceiling.

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Cross selling options for mud season

Cross selling options really turn out to improve sales. The average purchase of a customer increases while checking out a licensed character boot by seeing complementary products around. Thinking of good and catchy techniques like placing a Mickey character boot close to a Mickey character umbrella excites the customer. 


This works and it is one good technique you should employ. Complementary products associated with boots are umbrellas for kids, raincoat, children’s hats, bags, backpacks, gloves are so on.

We will take a look at fabrics that could easily cross sell as autumn kid’s products.


Rainbow Dreams

This has pink, mauve and violet tones. Disney characters like Minnie, Princesses, Trolls, the great twins and Shimmer and Shine has the rainbow outlined with white and blue hand. The palette has warm and fuchsia tones, premium sports with high component and style. These characters give life to the Rainbow Dreams. The product is important with caps.


The Saving Dots

There are a lot of fabrics like the Minnie Mouse that are determined to use the Polka saving dots to inspire adventures. The saving dots are good complementary products you should invest in.

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The latest report of the Spanish Association of Products for Children revealed that the turnover of children’s products grew by 1.7% in 2016. This statistics is going to keep improving over the years because there will be more sales. This is due to the fact that “made in Spain” wears are of quality and affordable designs. Cerdá group continues to improve its autumn kids products so as to meet their customer’s taste. The customers are kids and their parents and we take great delight in them.

At Cerdá, we derive satisfaction when we get reviews about our products and since it is autumn, below are incredible umbrellas for kids with characters by Cerdá group

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