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What social media platforms are best for ecommerce marketing

6 August 2019 / per Cerdá Group

Promotion through social media requires a proper social media strategy for online retailers. The key to successfully use social media marketing is to take various aspects of your business into account and then select the best social media platform to promote your business. These aspects may include factors like the type of business you have, what is your target audience, specific goals of your business, etc. In this article, we will discuss the best social media platforms for e-commerce marketing and impart some social media tips for retailers.


1) Facebook

Statistics show that Facebook has some 2 million monthly active users where approximately 76% of all females and 66% of all males amongst U.S. internet users are registered on Facebook. These figures make Facebook the world's largest and hence one of the most diverse social media platforms. People of all age groups from kids to adults to older age groups are also known to spend a significant part of their day logged into their Facebook accounts. These figures encourage investment in social media for online retailers. 

Create a Facebook page of your store and do not forget to add to your content pictures or videos of your products. Interesting visual content like colorful pictures and fun stories will allure the audience to visit and like your page. Post new and engaging content twice a week that will inspire your users to comment and share. You can also organize fun contests on Facebook, as this will attract more users.


2) Instagram

Today Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms that makes it the best place for e-commerce marketing. This platform is very visual and allows you to showcase your products in a manner that the users find charming. Also, it offers you various filters and emoticons to add more glitter and fun to your content.

Make use of all the tools by posting pictures, videos or stories in order to showcase the latest entries available at your stores. Use relevant hashtags while posting your content that can help potential customers to find your profile. Also, do link your products for direct sales for ease of customers. This will save them the trouble of revisiting your website and will increase your sales.


3) Twitter 

Twitter has an average of 328 million active users worldwide. This social media platform is the go-to place to know what is happening across the globe and to follow the latest trends.

The most significant tool available on twitter is the hashtags. If you know how to wield them smartly then consider yourself rightly equipped. You can also use the trending topics and post relevant content on Twitter in order to increase your reach. Like as a wholesale kids clothing distributor one can post a video of a kid wearing your t-shirt and taking on the bottlecap challenge.




4) YouTube

YouTube’s popularity amongst the users can be estimated from the fact that it has become the second-largest search engine in the world in a short time. The users are watching billions of hours of content each day on YouTube which is why it is a must for you to register your presence on this platform.

Videos are a significant tool to portray the products you deal in, for your consumers. A good social media idea for the retailer can be to record different related products in one video to promote cross-selling. You can also post tutorials or experimental videos to entice more people.


In Cerdá, we can advise you as experts in the design, manufacture, and distribution of licensed products for all ages (babies, children, adolescents and adults). They will undoubtedly be a hit on all your social media platforms. Trust us and make your business grow!

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