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Prepare your business for christmas campaign. Discover the new shopping behaviours for this Christmas

7 October 2020 / per Cerdá Group

The impact of COVID-19 on consumer shopping behaviours has been extensive and rapid. Spending in most industries has dropped, most of the shopping has shifted from in-store to online channels, and public health safety has become the first priority for both brands and consumers.

Stay-at-home orders, store closures and financial problems are just a few of the factors affecting holiday shopping this year. Added to these barriers is a reluctance to shop in person, which means that online shopping is likely to grow in popularity. 

2020 will be a celebration of the first-digital shopping holiday. To stand out, retailers need to be mindful of changing consumer shopping behaviour and, with in-store shopping accounting for a smaller proportion of holiday shopping, improve every digital touch point. From the Cerdá team we want to help you not to miss the great sales opportunities of this Christmas campaign

Pandemic Christmas: what to expect

Social distancing has become part of the new norm, and shoppers will demand that retailers rethink and adjust their in-store shopping experience accordingly. If you've bought anything online in the past few months, you've likely experienced shipping delays - and this trend is likely to continue throughout the holiday season

For mainstream retailers, Omni channel capabilities like a roadside pickup, deliveries will be essential avenues to explore during the holiday season. Particularly for those who shop at the last minute - when two-day delivery is not fast enough or is otherwise affected by pandemic- related shipping delays - who will seek the convenience of ordering online or via mobile and picking up at a physical store or for its limits within a matter of hours. Retailers should also strive to adopt contactless technologies such as mobile payments or self-checkouts to make it easier for consumers to return to shopping in stores.

Tips: To cope with the situation, you have to prepare your store for these circumstances by preparing the stocks. Announcement of deals at least 30 days before the Thanksgiving and Christmas festival this year.

Experts say digital ad prices are likely to hit record highs this holiday season, so you must find a way to make your Facebook and Google ads stand out from the crowd. Make sure you have built a strong online presence of your store. Work on graphics and easy delivery and payment methods. One way to ensure that shoppers enjoy digital shopping optimization is to provide fast online checkout with free or expedited shipping options.

To avoid disrupting your business's preparations to cope with Covid-19, check your vendors, business equipment and technology to ensure everything is up to date and working as expected. If you are working with physical inventory, make sure everything is in order and stock is enough for this year. If something is missing, take immediate action and resolve the issue without delay. Armed with a diversified, targeted and flexible marketing strategy, sellers can engage buyers with relevant products and offers and make a lasting impression.

When should you start holiday shopping?

Sooner or later, if you want to avoid delays in Christmas gifts or sold out items. "With an ongoing potential product shortage, if you see something you know you want, buy it," So, don't wait till the last date to avoid inconvenience.

More than ever, retailers will need technology to leverage every touchpoint when shopping. Improving BOPIS operations and introducing contactless technologies will bring convenience and simplicity to shoppers during the Christmas season in stores. When it comes to holiday online shoppers, they will be looking for retailers that offer a hassle-free experience from start to finish and deliver fast delivery.

At Cerdá, we know the importance of these aspects when shopping for Christmas and for this reason, we hope that these tips will help you improve the experience of your customers and increase your profits. Happy Holidays!


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Products and Novelties Tips and Advice


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