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Coming soon! New summer 2021 collection is arriving to Cerdá

12 October 2020 / per Cerdá Group

 If you are looking for an exciting summer collection of 2021 to revamp your store for the next heaty season? No look further! Cerdá brings new fashion trends for children this season.

Children can appreciate the fun, and parents can experience extreme relaxation. Ready to sell our new summer 2021 collection? These will be the most popular products. Let's Explore!


New Licenced Summer trendy Collection of 2021

During the summer, we have holidays, freetime and hangouts, so we should have a lot of accessories for outdoor events. Cerdá hopes to be one step ahead to offer you a license for the best summer clothes for kids this 2021 with distinctive prints that you will love, we are sure of it. 

Among the characters that stand out, we have classics that never go out of style, and even parents use them, as well as accessories for Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Spiderman or Harry Potter and much more!

 However, closer to summer days, there will be some surprises for kids, and in your store, you cannot miss all the products with these evergreen characters.


Summer Clothing collection 2021

Summer clothing is here and of course, there will be our classics such as Harry Potter or Minnie and Mickey Mouse, but this new collection is coming with a lot of surprises and new characters such as our new Baby Shark products. 

Summer is a time of movement, travel and family reunions. Therefore, there are essential products for your customers and that you have to have in your stock!

We offer you the best summer products with their favorite characters, you can find Frozen, Spiderman, Star Wars products, etc. You will have all the accessories, accessories and products for next summer at Cerdá. Casual wear, swimwear, bags and handbags and much more!  If you do not believe us, check our New Summer collection 2021 catalog and fall in love like us with these clothes.


Summer products you need in your store 


  • Footwear

 The collection of summer footwear such as booties, clogs, Flip flops at Cerda offers endless options for children to have fun while enjoying their summer days. You can find from classic outdoor pool flip flops to models with a back closure for added safety and comfort. Plus, there is a large selection of characters for you to choose among favorites for your goal!


CERDÁ_image_blog_post (13)-2


  • Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a mandatory accessory for summer. You can find a lot of different designs: Harry Potter, Avengers or Batman. Do not miss all our new designs that we have incorporated into our collection. They are going to be a hit this summer!


  • Towels

Going to the beach can be more fun if your favorite characters are on towels. You can choose between polyester or cotton, but what will be difficult for you is choosing the characters for your store. 

We can offer you towels for all ages and tastes from Minnie or LOL towels to Spiderman. For little and adults one, expand your offer to all ages! 


  • Handabgs

To carry everything you need with you at all times, a good comfortable handbag is essential, but above all, it is fashionable!


CERDÁ_image_blog_post (14)-1


Discover all the new designs that we have incorporated into our new collection for this summer 2021. With new designs and also with new licenses. Don't miss our Friends or The Mandalorian handbags. Prepare your stock for next summer 2021 with the best products and make your business grow with Cerdá. 


  • Summer complements

 We have incorporated a new caps collection.  You have countless choices with the new summer collection. See our catalog and pick the licensing accessories, clothing for your little clients who are waiting to celebrate summer vibes with their favorite characters.

At Cerdá, we follow the trends in the development, production and distribution of products related to fashion licenses. With our licensed products, you will attract customers and make your business profitable! 


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summer Products and Novelties


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